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Fleisch, A; Bollwein, H; Piechotta, M; Janett, F (2015). Reproductive performance of Lacaune dairy sheep exposed to artificial long days followed by natural photoperiod without and with additional progestagen treatment during the nonbreeding season. Theriogenology, 83(3):320-325.

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Piechotta, M; Kedves, K; Araújo, M G; Hoeflich, A; Metzger, F; Heppelmann, M; Muscher-Banse, A; Wrenzycki, C; Pfarrer, C; Schuberth, H J; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, H; Kaske, M (2013). Hepatic mRNA Expression of acid labile subunit and deiodinase 1 differs between cows selected for high versus low concentrations of insulin-like growth facor 1 in late pregnancy. Journal of Dairy Science, 96(6):3737-3749.

Godynicki, S; Meyer, W; Jackowiak, H; Bollwein, H; Pfarrer, C (2013). Microvascularisation of the scrotal integument of Holstein-Friesian bulls. Folia Morphologica, 72(2):132-136.

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Fleisch, A; Werne, S; Heckendorn, F; Hartnack, S; Piechotta, M; Bollwein, H; Thun, R; Janett, F (2012). Comparison of two commercially available progestagen intravaginal inserts in a short-term protocol for estrus synchronization in cyclic ewes. In: 17th International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR), Vancouver, CANADA, 29 July 2012 - 2 August 2012, 464-474.

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Malama, E; Kiossis, E; Theodosiou, T; Boscos, C; Bollwein, H (2012). Lag effect of microclimatic conditions on DNA integrity of frozen-thawed bovine sperm. Animal Reproduction Science, 136(1-2):33-41.

Bijmholt, S; Müller, K; Leiding, C; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, H; Kaske, M (2012). Laktationsinzidenzen von Produktionskrankheiten bei Fleckviehkühen in sechs bayerischen Milchviehbetrieben. Tierärztliche Praxis. Ausgabe G, Grosstiere/Nutztiere, 40(6):347-358.

Pancarci, S M; Ari, U Ç; Atakisi, O; Güngör, O; Ciğremiş, Y; Bollwein, H (2012). Nitric oxide concentrations, estradiol-17β progesterone ratio in follicular fluid, and COC quality with respect to perifollicular blood flow in cows. Animal Reproduction Science, 130(1-2):9-15.

Blässe, A K; Oldenhof, H; Ekhlasi-Hundrieser, M; Wolkers, W F; Sieme, H; Bollwein, H (2012). Osmotic tolerance and intracellular ion concentrations of bovine sperm are affected by cryopreservation. Theriogenology, 78(6):1312-1320.

Shirasuna, K; Kobayashi, A; Nitta, A; Nibuno, S; Sasahara, K; Shimizu, T; Bollwein, H; Miyamoto, A (2012). Possible action of vasohibin-1 as an inhibitor in the regulation of vascularization of the bovine corpus luteum. Reproduction, 143(4):491-500.

Piechotta, M; Sander, A K; Kastelic, J P; Wilde, R; Heppelmann, M; Rudolphi, B; Schuberth, H J; Bollwein, H; Kaske, M (2012). Prepartum plasma insulin-like growth factor-I concentrations based on day of insemination are lower in cows developing postpartum diseases. Journal of Dairy Science, 95(3):1367-1370.

Shirasuna, K; Jiemtaweeboon, S; Raddatz, S; Nitta, A; Schuberth, H J; Bollwein, H; Shimizu, T; Miyamoto, A (2012). Rapid accumulation of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in the Corpus luteum during prostaglandin F(2α)-induced luteolysis in the cow. PLoS ONE, 7(1):e29054.

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Janett, F; Gerig, T; Tschuor, A C; Amatayakul-Chantler, S; Walker, J; Howard, R; Bollwein, H; Thun, R (2012). Vaccination against gonadotropin-releasing factor (GnRF) with Bopriva significantly decreases testicular development, serum testosterone levels and physical activity in pubertal bulls. Theriogenology, 78(1):182-188.

Shirasuna, K; Nitta, A; Sineenard, J; Shimizu, T; Bollwein, H; Miyamoto, A (2012). Vascular and immune regulation of corpus luteum development, maintenance, and regression in the cow. Domestic animal endocrinology, 43(2):198-211.

Lüttgenau, J; Beindorff, N; Ulbrich, S E; Kastelic, J P; Bollwein, H (2011). Low plasma progesterone concentrations are accompanied by reduced luteal blood flow and increased size of the dominant follicle in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 76(1):12-22.

Lüttgenau, J; Ulbrich, S E; Beindorff, N; Honnens, A; Herzog, K; Bollwein, H (2011). Plasma progesterone concentrations in the mid-luteal phase are dependent on luteal size, but independent of luteal blood flow and gene expression in lactating dairy cows. Animal Reproduction Science, 125(1-4):20-29.

Ehlers, J P; Ehlers, S; Behr, M; Kähn, W; Bollwein, H; Leidl, W (2008). OnLineLectures-eLearning als Ergänzung der tierärztlichen Fortbildung. GMS Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ausbildung, 25(4):1-5.

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