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Botta, Carolina; Pellegrini, Giovanni; Hässig, Michael; Pesch, Theresa; Prähauser, Barbara; Wunderlin, Sabina; Guscetti, Franco; Schneeberger, Marianne; Schmitt, Sarah; Basso, Walter; Hilbe, Monika; Schuler, Gerhard; Borel, Nicole (2019). Bovine fetal placenta during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Veterinary Pathology, 56(2):248-258.

Tappeiner, Christoph; Voelter, Katrin; Klein, Karina; Borel, Nicole; Bruetsch, Deborah; Sanz, Fernando Laguna; Pot, Simon Anton (2019). Fibrinolytic capacity of desmoteplase compared to tissue plasminogen activator in rabbit eyes. Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 35(1):66-75.

Polkinghorne, A; Borel, Nicole; Heijne, M; Pannekoek, Y (2019). New evidence for domesticated animals as reservoirs of Chlamydia-associated community-acquired pneumonia. Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 25(2):131-132.

Scaravaggi, Iside; Borel, Nicole; Romer, Rebekka; Imboden, Isabel; Ulbrich, Susanne E; Zeng, Shuqin; Bollwein, Heiner; Bauersachs, Stefan (2019). Cell type-specific endometrial transcriptome changes during initial recognition of pregnancy in the mare. Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 31(3):496.

Ghasemian, Ehsan; Inic-Kanada, Aleksandra; Collingro, Astrid; Tagini, Florian; Stein, Elisabeth; Alchalabi, Hadeel; Schuerer, Nadine; Keše, Darja; Babiker, Balgesa Elkheir; Borel, Nicole; Greub, Gilbert; Barisani-Asenbauer, Talin (2018). Detection of Chlamydiaceae and Chlamydia-like organisms on the ocular surface of children and adults from a trachoma-endemic region. Scientific Reports, 8(1):7432.

Staub, Eveline; Marti, Hanna; Biondi, Roberta; Levi, Aurora; Donati, Manuela; Leonard, Cory Ann; Ley, Serej D; Pillonel, Trestan; Greub, Gilbert; Seth-Smith, Helena M B; Borel, Nicole (2018). Novel Chlamydia species isolated from snakes are temperature-sensitive and exhibit decreased susceptibility to azithromycin. Scientific Reports, 8(1):5660.

Kuratli, Jasmin; Pesch, Theresa; Marti, Hanna; Leonard, Cory Ann; Blenn, Christian; Torgerson, Paul R; Borel, Nicole (2018). Water filtered infrared A and visible light (wIRA/VIS) irradiation reduces chlamydia trachomatis infectivity independent of targeted cytokine inhibition. Frontiers in Microbiology, 9:2757.

Borel, Nicole; Marti, Hanna; Pospischil, Andreas; Pesch, Theresa; Prähauser, Barbara; Wunderlin, Sabina; Seth-Smith, Helena M B; Low, Nicola; Flury, Renata (2018). Chlamydiae in human intestinal biopsy samples. FEMS Pathogens and Disease, 76(8):fty081.

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Borel, Nicole; Polkinghorne, Adam; Pospischil, Andreas (2018). A review on chlamydial diseases in animals: still a challenge for pathologists? Veterinary Pathology, 55(3):374-390.

Bühl, H; Eibach, D; Nagel, M; Greub, G; Borel, Nicole; Sarpong, N; Rettig, T; Pesch, T; Aeby, S; Klöckner, A; Brunke, M; Krannich, S; Kreuels, B; Owusu-Dabo, E; Hogan, B; May, J; Henrichfreise, B (2018). Chlamydiae in febrile children with respiratory tract symptoms and age-matched controls, Ghana. New Microbes and New Infections, 22:44-48.

Ferrari, Giada; Lischer, Heidi; Neukamm, Judith; Rayo, Enrique; Borel, Nicole; Pospischil, Andreas; Rühli, Frank; Bouwman, Abigail; Campana, Michael (2018). Assessing Metagenomic Signals Recovered from Lyuba, a 42,000-Year-Old Permafrost-Preserved Woolly Mammoth Calf. Genes, 9(9):436.

Vidal, Sara; Kegler, Kristel; Greub, Gilbert; Aeby, Sébastien; Borel, Nicole; Dagleish, Mark P; Posthaus, Horst; Perreten, Vincent; Rodriguez-Campos, Sabrina (2017). Neglected zoonotic agents in cattle abortion: tackling the difficult to grow bacteria. BMC Veterinary Research, 13(1):373.

Li, Min; Jelocnik, Martina; Yang, Feng; Gong, Jianseng; Kaltenboeck, Bernhard; Polkinghorne, Adam; Feng, Zhixin; Pannekoek, Yvonne; Borel, Nicole; Song, Chunlian; Jiang, Ping; Li, Jing; Zhang, Jilei; Wang, Yaoyao; Wang, Jiawei; Zhou, Xin; Wang, Chengming (2017). Asymptomatic infections with highly polymorphic Chlamydia suis are ubiquitous in pigs. BMC Veterinary Research:13:370.

Taylor-Brown, Alyce; Spang, Labolina; Borel, Nicole; Polkinghorne, Adam (2017). Culture-independent metagenomics supports discovery of uncultivable bacteria within the genus Chlamydia. Scientific Reports, 7(1):10661.

Leonard, Cory Ann; Schoborg, Robert V; Borel, Nicole (2017). Productive and penicillin-stressed chlamydia pecorum infection induces nuclear factor kappa b activation and interleukin-6 secretion in vitro. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 7:180.

Braun, Ueli; Warislohner, Sonja; Gerspach, Christian; Ohlerth, Stefanie; Wanninger, Sabrina; Borel, Nicole (2017). Clinical, sonographic and pathological findings in a Saanen goat with mediastinal thymoma. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 159(3):185-188.

Donati, Manuela; Cenacchi, Giovanna; Biondi, Roberta; Papa, Valentina; Borel, Nicole; Nepita, Edoardo Vecchio; Magnino, Simone; Pasquinelli, Gianandrea; Levi, Aurora; Franco, Octavio L (2017). Activity of synthetic peptides against Chlamydia. Biopolymers, 108(6):e23032.

Meletta, Romana; Steier, Larissa; Borel, Nicole; Mu, Linjing; Keller, Claudia; Chiotellis, Aristeidis; Russo, Erica; Halin, Cornelia; Ametamey, Simon M; Schibli, Roger; Krämer, Stefanie D; Müller Herde, Adrienne (2017). CD80 Is Upregulated in a Mouse Model with Shear Stress-Induced Atherosclerosis and Allows for Evaluating CD80-Targeting PET Tracers. Molecular Imaging and Biology, 19(1):90-99.

Meletta, Romana; Slavik, Roger; Mu, Linjing; Rancic, Zoran; Borel, Nicole; Schibli, Roger; Ametamey, Simon M; Krämer, Stefanie D; Müller Herde, Adrienne (2017). Cannabinoid receptor type 2 (CB2) as one of the candidate genes in human carotid plaque imaging: evaluation of the novel radiotracer [ 11 c]rs-016 targeting CB2 in atherosclerosis. Nuclear medicine and biology, 47:31-43.

Seth-Smith, Helena M B; Wanninger, Sabrina; Bachmann, Nathan; Marti, Hanna; Qi, Weihong; Donati, Manuela; di Francesco, Antonietta; Polkinghorne, Adam; Borel, Nicole (2017). The chlamydia suis genome exhibits high levels of diversity, plasticity, and mobile antibiotic resistance: comparative genomics of a recent livestock cohort shows influence of treatment regimes. Genome Biology and Evolution, 9(3):750-760.

Bünter, Julia P; Seth-Smith, Helena M B; Rüegg, Simon; Heikinheimo, Annamari; Borel, Nicole; Johler, Sophia (2017). Wild type agr-negative livestock-associated MRSA exhibits high adhesive capacity to human and porcine cells. Research in Microbiology, 168(2):130-138.

Klöckner, A; Nagel, M; Greub, G; Aeby, S; Hoffmann, K; Liégeois, F; Rouet, F; De Benedetti, S; Borel, Nicole; Henrichfreise, B (2016). Chlamydia-related bacteria in free-living and captive great apes, Gabon. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 22(12):2199-2201.

Wanninger, Sabrina; Donati, Manuela; Di Francesco, Antonietta; Haessig, M; Hoffmann, Karolin; Seth-Smith, Helena M B; Marti, Hanna; Borel, Nicole (2016). Selective pressure promotes tetracycline resistance of chlamydia suis in fattening pigs. PLoS ONE, 11(11):e0166917.

Donati, Manuela; Balboni, Andrea; Laroucau, Karine; Aaziz, Rachid; Vorimore, Fabien; Borel, Nicole; Morandi, Federico; Vecchio Nepita, Edoardo; Di Francesco, Antonietta (2016). Tetracycline susceptibility in Chlamydia suis pig isolates. PLoS ONE, 11(2):e0149914.

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Taylor-Brown, Alyce; Bachmann, Nathan L; Borel, Nicole; Polkinghorne, Adam (2016). Culture- independent genomic characterisation of Candidatus Chlamydia sanzinia, a novel uncultivated bacterium infecting snakes. BMC Genomics, 17(710):online.

Bolz, Miriam; Ruggli, Nicolas; Borel, Nicole; Pluschke, Gerd; Ruf, Marie-Thérèse (2016). Local cellular immune responses and pathogenesis of burulI ulcer lesions in the experimental mycobacterium ulcerans pig infection model. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10(4):e0004678.

Thierry, Simon; Vorimore, Fabien; Rossignol, Christelle; Scharf, Sabine; Sachse, Konrad; Berthon, Patricia; Durand, Benoit; Virlogeux-Payant, Isabelle; Borel, Nicole; Laroucau, Karine (2016). Oral Uptake of Chlamydia psittaci by Ducklings Results in Systemic Dissemination. PLoS ONE, 11(5):e0154860.

Leonard, Cory Ann; Dewez, Frederic; Borel, Nicole (2016). Penicillin g-induced chlamydial stress response in a porcine strain of chlamydia pecorum. International Journal of Microbiology, 2016:3832917.

Lüttgenau, Johannes; Mang, H; Borel, Nicole; Bruckmaier, Rupert M; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Ultrasonographic examination reduces the percentage of unsuccessful inseminations in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 85(4):664-670.

Rahn, Carolin; Marti, Hanna; Blenn, Christian; Leonard, Cory Ann; Borel, Nicole; Frohns, Antonia; Frohns, Florian; Barisani-Asenbauer, Talin (2016). Water-filtered infrared A reduces chlamydial infectivity in vitro without causing ex vivo eye damage in pig and mouse models. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, (165):340-350.

Borel, Nicole (2015). Der Pathologe ist kein schlechter Arzt, er kommt jeweils nur zu spät. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 157(10):527.

Borel, Nicole; Schoborg, Robert V; Leonard, Cory Ann (2015). Damage/Danger Associated Molecular Patterns (DAMPs) Modulate Chlamydia pecorum and C. trachomatis Serovar E Inclusion Development In Vitro. PLoS ONE:1-30.

Meletta, Romana; Borel, Nicole; Stolzmann, Paul; Astolfo, Alberto; Klohs, Jan; Stampanoni, Marco; Rudin, Markus; Schibli, Roger; Krämer, Stefanie D; Müller Herde, Adrienne (2015). Ex vivo differential phase contrast and magnetic resonance imaging for characterization of human carotid atherosclerotic plaques. International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, 31(7):1425-1434.

Taylor-Brown, Alyce; Rüegg, Simon; Polkinghorne, Adam; Borel, Nicole (2015). Characterisation of Chlamydia pneumoniae and other novel chlamydial infections in captive snakes. Veterinary Microbiology, 178(1-2):88-93.

Meletta, Romana; Müller Herde, Adrienne; Chiotellis, Aristeidis; Isa, Malsor; Rancic, Zoran; Borel, Nicole; Ametamey, Simon; Krämer, Stefanie; Schibli, Roger (2015). Evaluation of the radiolabeled boronic acid-based FAP inhibitor MIP-1232 for atherosclerotic plaque imaging. Molecules, 20(2):2081-2099.

Opota, Onya; Vanrompay, Daisy; Greub, Gilbert; Branley, James; Longbottom, David; Erard, Veronique; Jaton, Katia; Borel, Nicole (2015). Improving the molecular diagnosis of Chlamydia psittaci and Chlamydia abortus infection with a species-specific duplex real-time PCR. Journal of Medical Microbiology, 64(10):1174-1185.

Jelonick, Martina; Self, Rachel; Timms, Peter; Borel, Nicole; Polkinghorne, Adam (2015). Novel Sequence Types of Chlamydia pecorum Infect Free-Ranging Alpine Ibex (Capra ibex) and Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) in Switzerland. Journal of Wildlife Diseases:479 -483.

Kreizinger, Zsuzsa; Szeredi, Levente; Bacsadi, Arpad; Nemes, Csaba; Sugár, Lazlo; Varga, Tamás; Sulyok, Kinga M; Szigeti, Alexandra; Acs, Kornel; Tobias, Eniko; Borel, Nicole; Gyuranecz, Miklós (2015). Occurrence of Coxiella burnetii and Chlamydiales species in abortions of domestic ruminants and in wild ruminants in Hungary, Central Europe. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation, 27(2):206-210.

Hoffmann, Karolin; Schott, Franziska; Donati, Manuela; Di Francesco, Antonietta; Hässig, Michael; Wanninger, Sabrina; Sidler, Xaver; Borel, Nicole (2015). Prevalence of chlamydial infections in fattening pigs and their influencing factors. PLoS ONE, 10(11):e0143576.

Marti, Hanna; Blenn, Christian; Borel, Nicole (2015). The contribution of temperature, exposure intensity and visible light to the inhibitory effect of irradiation on acute chlamydial infection. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. B, Biology, 153:324-333.

Schoborg, Robert V; Borel, Nicole (2014). Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) co-infection induced chlamydial persistence/stress does not require viral replication. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology:4:20.

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Pospischil, Andreas; Kaiser, Carmen; Hofmann-Lehmann, Regina; Lutz, Hans; Hilbe, Monika; Vaughan, Lloyd; Borel, Nicole (2012). Evidence for Chlamydia in wild mammals of the Serengeti. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 48(4):1074-1078.

Braun, Ueli; Schwarzwald, Colin C; Forster, Eva; Becker-Birck, Mareike; Borel, Nicole; Ohlerth, Stefanie (2011). Extraskeletal osteosarcoma of the thorax in a goat: case report. BMC Veterinary Research, 7:55.

Baud, D; Goy, G; Osterheld, M C; Borel, Nicole; Vial, Y; Pospischil, Andreas; Greub, G (2011). Waddlia chondrophila: from bovine abortion to human miscarriage. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 52(12):1469-1471.

Gerber, Andrea; Thoma, Ruedi; Vretou, Evangelia; Psarrou, Evgenia; Kaiser, Carmen; Doherr, Marcus G; Zimmermann, Dieter R; Polkinghorne, Adam; Pospischil, Andreas; Borel, Nicole (2007). Ovine Enzootic Abortion (OEA): a comparison of antibody responses in vaccinated and naturally-infected swiss sheep over a two year period. BMC Veterinary Research, 3:24.

Bleul, Ulrich; Schwantag, Silvia; Stocker, Hans; Corboz, Louis; Grimm, Felix; Engels, Monika; Borel, Nicole; Lutz, Hans; Schönmann, Marietta; Kähn, Wolfgang (2006). Floppy kid syndrome caused by D-lactic acidosis in goat kids. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 20(4):1003-1008.

Borel, Nicole; Sachse, K; Rassbach, A; Bruckner, L; Vretou, E; Psarrou, E; Pospischil, A (2005). Ovine enzootic abortion (OEA): antibody response in vaccinated sheep compared to naturally infected sheep. Veterinary Research Communications, 29(Suppl 1):151-156.

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