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Das, R; Srowig, T; Verma, R; Koduru, S; Hafemann, A; Hopf, S; Kocoglu, M H; Borsotti, C; Zhang, L; Branagan, A; Eynon, E; Manz, M G; Flavell, R A; Dhodapkar, M V (2016). Microenvironment-dependent growth of preneoplastic and malignant plasma cells in humanized mice. Nature Medicine, 22(11):1351-1357.

Saito, Y; Boddupalli, C S; Borsotti, C; Manz, M G (2013). Dendritic cell homeostasis is maintained by nonhematopoietic and T-cell-produced Flt3-ligand in steady state and during immune responses. European Journal of Immunology, 6(43):1651-1658.

Strowig, T; Rongvaux, A; Rathinam, C; Takizawa, H; Borsotti, C; Philbrick, W; Eynon, E E; Manz, M G; Flavell, R A (2011). Transgenic expression of human signal regulatory protein alpha in Rag2-/-gamma(c)-/- mice improves engraftment of human hematopoietic cells in humanized mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 108(32):13218-13223.

Meek, B; Cloosen, S; Borsotti, C; Van Elssen, C H; Vanderlocht, J; Schnijderberg, M C; van der Poel, M W; Leewis, B; Hesselink, R; Manz, M G; Katsura, Y; Kawamoto, H; Germeraad, W T; Bos, G M (2010). In vitro-differentiated T/natural killer-cell progenitors derived from human CD34+ cells mature in the thymus. Blood, 115(2):261-265.

Legrand, N; Ploss, A; Balling, R; Becker, P D; Borsotti, C; Brezillon, N; Debarry, J; De Jong, Y; Deng, H; Di Santo, J P; Eisenbarth, S; Eynon, E; Flavell, R A; Guzman, C A; Huntington, N D; Kremsdorf, D; Manns, M P; Manz, M G; Mention, J J; Ott, M; Rathinam, C; Rice, C M; Rongvaux, A; Stevens, S; Spits, H; Strick-Marchand, H; Takizawa, H; van Lent, A U; Wang, C; Weijer, K; Willinger, T; Ziegler, P (2009). Humanized mice for modeling human infectious disease: challenges, progress, and outlook. Cell Host & Microbe, 6(1):5-9.

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