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Tirado-Gonzalez, I; Czlonka, E; Nevmerzhitskaya, A; Soetopo, D; Bergonzani, E; Mahmoud, A; Contreras, A; Jeremias, I; Platzbecker, U; Bourquin, J P; Kloz, U; Van der Hoeven, F; Medyouf, H (2018). CRISPR/Cas9-edited NSG mice as PDX models of human leukemia to address the role of niche-derived SPARC. Leukemia, 32(4):1049-1052.

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Mercher, T; Raffel, G D; Moore, S A; Cornejo, M G; Baudry-Bluteau, D; Cagnard, N; Jesneck, J L; Pikman, Y; Cullen, D; Williams, I R; Akashi, K; Shigematsu, H; Bourquin, J P; Giovannini, M; Vainchenker, W; Levine, R L; Lee, B H; Bernard, O A; Gilliland, D G (2009). The OTT-MAL fusion oncogene activates RBPJ-mediated transcription and induces acute megakaryoblastic leukemia in a knockin mouse model. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 119(4):852-864.

Wiegering, V A; Kellenberger, C J; Bodmer, N; Bergstraesser, E; Niggli, F K; Grotzer, M A; Nadal, D; Bourquin, J P (2008). Conservative management of acute appendicitis in children with hematologic malignancies during chemotherapy-induced neutropenia. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, 30(6):464-467.

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