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Gaugg, Martin Thomas; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Bregy, Lukas; Engler, Anna; Stebler, Nina; Gaisl, Thomas; Bruderer, Tobias; Nowak, Nora; Sinues, Pablo M-L; Zenobi, Renato; Kohler, Malcolm (2019). Real-time breath analysis reveals specific metabolic signatures of COPD exacerbations. Chest, 156(2):269-276.

Gaugg, Martin Thomas; Engler, Anna; Bregy, Lukas; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Eiffert, Lara; Bruderer, Tobias; Zenobi, Renato; Sinues, Pablo; Kohler, Malcolm (2019). Molecular breath analysis supports altered amino acid metabolism in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Respirology, 24(5):437-444.

Gaisl, Thomas; Bregy, Lukas; Stebler, Nina; Gaugg, Martin T; Bruderer, Tobias; García-Gómez, Diego; Moeller, Alexander; Singer, Florian; Schwarz, Esther I; Benden, Christian; M-L Sinues, Pablo; Zenobi, Renato; Kohler, Malcolm (2018). Real-time exhaled breath analysis in patients with cystic fibrosis and controls. Journal of breath research, 12(3):036013.

Bregy, Lukas; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, Pablo; García-Gómez, Diego; Suter, Yannick; Gaisl, Thomas; Stebler, Nina; Gaugg, Martin Thomas; Kohler, Malcolm; Zenobi, Renato (2018). Real-time mass spectrometric identification of metabolites characteristic of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in exhaled breath. Clinical Mass Spectrometry, 7:29-35.

Gaugg, Martin T; Engler, Anna; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Bregy, Lukas; Stöberl, Anna S; Gaisl, Thomas; Bruderer, Tobias; Zenobi, Renato; Kohler, Malcolm; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, Pablo (2017). Metabolic effects of inhaled salbutamol determined by exhaled breath analysis. Journal of breath research, 11(4):046004.

García-Gómez, Diego; Gaisl, Thomas; Bregy, Lukas; Martínez-Lozano Sinues, Pablo; Kohler, Malcolm; Zenobi, Renato (2016). Secondary electrospray ionization coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry reveals tryptophan pathway metabolites in exhaled human breath. Chemical Communications, 52(55):8526-8528.

Schwarz, Esther I; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, Pablo; Bregy, Lukas; Gaisl, Thomas; Garcia Gomez, Diego; Gaugg, Martin T; Suter, Yannick; Stebler, Nina; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Bloch, Konrad E; Stradling, John R; Zenobi, Renato; Kohler, Malcolm (2016). Effects of CPAP therapy withdrawal on exhaled breath pattern in obstructive sleep apnoea. Thorax, 71(2):110-117.

García-Gómez, Diego; Gaisl, Thomas; Bregy, Lukas; Cremonesi, Alessio; Sinues, Pablo Martinez-Lozano; Kohler, Malcolm; Zenobi, Renato (2016). Real-time quantification of amino acids in the exhalome by secondary electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry: a proof-of-principle study. Clinical Chemistry, 62(9):1230-1237.

García-Gómez, Diego; Bregy, Lukas; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Gaisl, Thomas; Kohler, Malcolm; Zenobi, Renato (2015). Detection and Quantification of Benzothiazoles in Exhaled Breath and Exhaled Breath Condensate by Real-Time Secondary Electrospray Ionization–High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Environmental Science & Technology, 49(20):12519-12524.

Li, Xue; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, Pablo; Dallmann, Robert; Bregy, Lukas; Hollmén, Maija; Proulx, Steven; Brown, Steven A; Detmar, Michael; Kohler, Malcolm; Zenobi, Renato (2015). Drug pharmacokinetics determined by real-time analysis of mouse breath. Angewandte Chemie Internationale Edition, 54(27):7815-7818.

Bregy, Lukas; Müggler, Annick R; Martinez-Lozano Sinues, Pablo; García-Gómez, Diego; Suter, Yannick; Belibasakis, Georgios N; Kohler, Malcolm; Schmidlin, Patrick R; Zenobi, Renato (2015). Differentiation of oral bacteria in in vitro cultures and human saliva by secondary electrospray ionization – mass spectrometry. Scientific Reports, 5:15163.

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