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Lustenberger, Caroline; Mouthon, Anne-Laure; Tesler, Noemi; Kurth, Salome; Ringli, Maya; Buchmann, Andreas; Jenni, Oskar G; Huber, Reto (2017). Developmental trajectories of EEG sleep slow wave activity as a marker for motor skill development during adolescence: a pilot study. Developmental Psychobiology, 59(1):5-14.

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Bernardi, Giulio; Cecchetti, Luca; Siclari, Francesca; Buchmann, Andreas; Yu, Xiaoqian; Handjaras, Giacomo; Bellesi, Michele; Ricciardi, Emiliano; Kecskemeti, Steven R; Riedner, Brady A; Alexander, Andrew L; Benca, Ruth M; Ghilardi, M Felice; Pietrini, Pietro; Cirelli, Chiara; Tononi, Giulio (2016). Sleep reverts changes in human gray and white matter caused by wake-dependent training. NeuroImage, 129:367-377.

Geisseler, Olivia; Pflugshaupt, Tobias; Buchmann, Andreas; Bezzola, Ladina; Reuter, Katja; Schuknecht, Bernhard; Weller, David; Linnebank, Michael; Brugger, Peter (2016). Random number generation deficits in patients with multiple sclerosis: Characteristics and neural correlates. Cortex, 82:237-243.

von Rhein, Michael; Buchmann, Andreas; Hagmann, Cornelia; Dave, Hitendu; Bernet, Vera; Scheer, Ianina; Knirsch, Walter; Latal, Beatrice (2015). Severe Congenital Heart Defects Are Associated with Global Reduction of Neonatal Brain Volumes. Journal of Pediatrics, 167(6):1259-1263.e1.

Wilhelm, Ines; Kurth, Salomé; Ringli, Maya; Mouthon, Anne-Laure; Buchmann, Andreas; Geiger, Anja; Jenni, Oskar G; Huber, Reto (2014). Sleep slow-wave activity reveals developmental changes in experience-dependent plasticity. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(37):12568-12575.

von Rhein, Michael; Buchmann, Andreas; Hagmann, Cornelia; Huber, Reto; Klaver, Peter; Knirsch, Walter; Latal, Beatrice (2014). Brain volumes predict neurodevelopment in adolescents after surgery for congenital heart disease. Brain, 137(Pt 1):268-276.

Kurth, Salome; Ringli, Maya; Lebourgeois, Monique K; Geiger, Anja; Buchmann, Andreas; Jenni, Oskar G; Huber, Reto (2012). Mapping the electrophysiological marker of sleep depth reveals skill maturation in children and adolescents. NeuroImage, 63(2):959-965.

Buchmann, Andreas; Kurth, Salomé; Ringli, Maya; Geiger, Anja; Jenni, Oskar G; Huber, Reto (2011). Anatomical markers of sleep slow wave activity derived from structural magnetic resonance images. Journal of sleep research, 20(4):506-513.

Buchmann, Andreas. Genetics and memory : an overview and an empirical example investigated with functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging. 2006, University of Zurich, Faculty of Arts.

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