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Canivell, S; Mohaupt, M; Ackermann, D; Pruijm, M; Guessous, I; Ehret, G; Escher, G; Pechère-Bertschi, A; Vogt, B; Devuyst, O; Burnier, M; Martin, P-Y; Ponte, B; Bochud, M (2018). Copeptin and insulin resistance: effect modification by age and 11 β-HSD2 activity in a population-based study. Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, 41(7):799-808.

Marti-Soler, H; Pommier, C; Bochud, M; Guessous, I; Ponte, B; Pruijm, M; Ackermann, D; Forni Ogna, V; Paccaud, F; Burnier, M; Pechère-Bertschi, A; Devuyst, O; Marques-Vidal, P; Binet, I; Conen, D; Erne, P; Gabutti, L; Gallino, A; Hayoz, D; Muggli, Franco; Suter, P M (2017). Seasonality of sodium and potassium consumption in Switzerland. Data from three cross-sectional, population-based studies. Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases (NMCD), 27(9):792-798.

Pruijm, M; Ponte, B; Ackermann, D; Paccaud, F; Guessous, I; Ehret, G; Pechere-Bertschi, A; Vogt, B; Mohaupt, M G; Martin, P-Y; Youhanna, S C; Nagele, N; Vollenweider, P; Waeber, G; Burnier, M; Devuyst, O; Bochud, M (2016). Associations of urinary uromodulin with clinical characteristics and markers of tubular function in the general population. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 11(1):70-80.

Rathod, A; Bonny, O; Guessous, I; Suter, P M; Conen, D; Erne, P; Binet, I; Gabutti, L; Gallino, A; Muggli, F; Hayoz, D; Pechere-Bertschi, A; Paccaud, F; Burnier, M; Bochud, M (2015). Association of Urinary Calcium Excretion with Serum Calcium and Vitamin D Levels. Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 10(3):452-462.

Wuerzner, G; Muller, O; Erne, P; Cook, S; Sudano, I; Lüscher, Thomas F; Noll, G; Kaufmann, U; Rickli, H; Waeber, B; Kaiser, C; Sticherling, C; Pechere-Bertschi, A; Baumgartner, I; Jacob, A L; Burnier, M; Qanadli, S D (2014). Transcatheter renal denervation for the treatment of resistant arterial hypertension: the Swiss expert consensus. Swiss Medical Weekly, 144:w13913.

Schafer, H H; de Villiers, J D; Lotze, U; Sivukhina, E; Burnier, M; Noll, G; Theus, G R; Dieterle, T (2013). Patients with non-insulin depending diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome are suboptimal treated in swiss primary care. Clinical and Experimental Hypertension, 35(7):496-505.

Schafer, H H; Sudano, I; Theus, G R; Zilla, P; Noll, G; Burnier, M (2012). Blood pressure target attainment in the background of guidelines: the very elderly in Swiss primary care. Family Practice, 29(5):511-520.

Schäfer, H H; de Villiers, J D; Sudano, I; Theus, G R; Sivukhina, E; Burnier, M; Dieterle, T; Noll, G (2012). Management of hypertension in patients with diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome in Swiss primary care. International Journal of Clinical Practice, 66(11):1125-1126.

Guessous, I; Dudler, V; Glatz, N; Theler, J M; Zoller, O; Paccaud, F; Burnier, M; Bochud, M (2012). Vitamin D levels and associated factors: a population-based study in Switzerland. Swiss Medical Weekly:w13719.

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Tebbe, U; Bramlage, P; Thoenes, M; Paar, W D; Danchin, N; Volpe, M; Schrader, J; Noll, G; Burnier, M; Böhm, M (2009). Prevalence of microalbuminuria and its associated cardiovascular risk: German and Swiss results of the recent global i-SEARCH survey. Swiss Medical Weekly, 139(33-34):473-480.

Picard, N; Eladari, D; El Moghrabi, S; Planès, C; Bourgeois, S; Houillier, P; Wang, Q; Burnier, M; Deschenes, G; Knepper, M A; Meneton, P; Chambrey, R (2008). Defective ENaC processing and function in tissue kallikrein-deficient mice. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 283(8):4602-4611.

Szucs, T D; Holm, M V; Schwenkglenks, M; Zhang, Z; Weintraub, W S; Burnier, M; Erne, P (2006). Cost-effectiveness of eplerenone in patients with left ventricular dysfunction after myocardial infarction - an analysis of the EPHESUS study from a Swiss perspective. Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy, 20(3):193-204.

Vorschläge einer interdisziplinären Arbeitsgruppe zur Diagnostik und Therapie des metabolischen Syndroms. Edited by: Lehmann, Roger; Gutzwiller, Felix; Battegay, Edouard; Burnier, M; Carrel, J; Diem, P; Gaillard, R; Greminger, P; Lareida, J; Muggli, F; Noll, G; Philipp, J; Riesen, Walter F; Spinas, G A (2003). Basel: EMH.

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