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Buchwald, Marc-André; Laasner, Ursula; Balmer, Christian; Cannizzaro, Vincenzo; Latal, Beatrice; Bernet, Vera (2019). Comparison of postoperative chylothorax in infants and children with trisomy 21 and without dysmorphic syndrome: Is there a difference in clinical outcome? Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 54(7):1298-1302.

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Grass, Beate; Simma, Leopold; Reinehr, Michael; Zimmermann, Urs; Gysin, Claudine; Henze, Georg; Cannizzaro, Vincenzo (2017). Two case reports of unexpected tracheal agenesis in the neonate: 3 C's beyond algorithms for difficult airway management. BMC Pediatrics, 17(1):49.

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