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Calderon, M A; Demoly, P; Casale, T; Akdis, C A; Bachert, C; Bewick, M; Bilò, B M; Bohle, B; Bonini, S; Bush, A; Caimmi, D P; Canonica, G W; Cardona, V; Chiriac, A M; Cox, L; Custovic, A; De Blay, F; Devillier, P; Didier, A; Di Lorenzo, G; Du Toit, G; Durham, S R; Eng, P; Fiocchi, A; Fox, A T; van Wijk, R Gerth; Gomez, R M; Haathela, T; Halken, S; Hellings, P W; et al (2016). Allergy immunotherapy across the life cycle to promote active and healthy ageing: from research to policies: An AIRWAYS Integrated Care Pathways (ICPs) programme item (Action Plan B3 of the European Innovation Partnership on active and healthy ageing) and the Global Alliance against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD), a World Health Organization GARD research demonstration project. Clinical and Translational Allergy, 6:41.

Klimek, L; Hoffmann, H J; Renz, H; Demoly, P; Werfel, T; Matricardi, P M; Muraro, A; Schmid-Grendelmeier, P; Cardona, V; Papadopoulos, N G (2015). Diagnostic test allergens used for in vivo diagnosis of allergic diseases are at risk: a european perspective. Allergy, 70(10):1329-1331.

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de Silva, D; Geromi, M; Halken, S; Host, A; Panesar, S S; Muraro, A; Werfel, T; Hoffmann-Sommergruber, K; Roberts, G; Cardona, V; Dubois, A E J; Poulsen, L K; Van Ree, R; Vlieg-Boerstra, B; Agache, I; Grimshaw, K; O'Mahony, L; Venter, C; Arshad, S H; Sheikh, A (2014). Primary prevention of food allergy in children and adults: Systematic review. Allergy, 69(5):581-589.

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Linares-Palomino, R; Cardona, V; Soto, D; Herzog, S K; Kessler, M (2008). Tree community patterns along a deciduous to evergreen forest gradient in central Bolivia. Ecología en Bolivia, 43(2):1-20.

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