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Gnädinger, Markus; Herzig, Lilli; Ceschi, Alessandro; Conen, Dieter; Staehelin, Alfred; Zoller, Marco; Puhan, Milo A (2018). Chronic conditions and multimorbidity in a primary care population: a study in the Swiss Sentinel Surveillance Network (Sentinella). International Journal of Public Health, 63(9):1017-1026.

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Gnädinger, Markus; Conen, Dieter; Herzig, Lilli; Puhan, Milo A; Staehelin, Alfred; Zoller, Marco; Ceschi, Alessandro (2017). Medication incidents in primary care medicine: a prospective study in the Swiss Sentinel Surveillance Network (Sentinella). BMJ Open, 7:e013658.

Lüde, Saskia; Vecchio, Sarah; Sinno-Tellier, Sandra; Dopter, Aymeric; Mustonen, Harriet; Vucinic, Slavica; Jonsson, Birgitta; Müller, Dieter; Veras Gimenez Fruchtengarten, Ligia; Hruby, Karl; De Souza Nascimento, Elizabeth; Di Lorenzo, Chiara; Restani, Patrizia; Kupferschmidt, Hugo; Ceschi, Alessandro (2016). Adverse effects of plant food supplements and plants consumed as food: Results from the poisons centres-based PlantLIBRA study. Phytotherapy Research, 30(6):988-996.

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Fuchs, Joan; von Dechend, Margot; Mordasini, Raffaella; Ceschi, Alessandro; Nentwig, Wolfgang (2014). A verified spider bite and a review of the literature confirm Indian ornamental tree spiders (Poecilotheria species) as underestimated theraphosids of medical importance. Toxicon, 77:73-77.

Ceschi, Alessandro; Gregoriano, Claudia; Rauber-Lüthy, Christine; Kupferschmidt, Hugo; Banner, Nicholas R; Krähenbühl, Stephan; Taegtmeyer, Anne B (2014). Acute mycophenolate overdose: case series and systematic literature analysis. Expert Opinion on Drug Safety, 13(5):525-534.

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Meli, Marianne; Rauber-Lüthy, Christine; Hoffmann-Walbeck, Petra; Reinecke, Hans-Jürgen; Prasa, Dagmar; Stedtler, Uwe; Färber, Elke; Genser, Dieter; Kupferschmidt, Hugo; Kullak-Ublick, Gerd A; Ceschi, Alessandro (2014). Atypical antipsychotic poisoning in young children: a multicentre analysis of poisons centres data. European Journal of Pediatrics, 173(6):743-750.

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Schenk-Jaeger, Katharina M; Rauber-Lüthy, Christine; Bodmer, Michael; Kupferschmidt, Hugo; Kullak-Ublick, Gerd A; Ceschi, Alessandro (2012). Mushroom poisoning: a study on circumstances of exposure and patterns of toxicity. European Journal of Internal Medicine, 23(4):e85-91.

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