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Song, Young Woo; Kim, Sungtae; Waller, Tobias; Cha, Jae-Kook; Cho, Sung-Won; Jung, Ui-Won; Thoma, Daniel S (2019). Soft tissue substitutes to increase gingival thickness: Histologic and volumetric analyses in dogs. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 46(1):96-104.

Lim, Hyun-Chang; Yoon, So-Ra; Cha, Jae-Kook; Lee, Jung-Seok; Thoma, Daniel S; Jung, Ui-Won (2018). Overaugmentation to compensate for postextraction ridge atrophy using a putty-type porcine bone substitute material with recombinant bone morphogenetic protein-2: 4 weeks of healing in a canine model. Clinical Oral Investigations:Epub ahead of print.

Sun, Yoo-Kyung; Cha, Jae-Kook; Thoma, Daniel Stefan; Yoon, So-Ra; Lee, Jung-Seok; Choi, Seong-Ho; Jung, Ui-Won (2018). Bone Regeneration of Peri-Implant Defects Using a Collagen Membrane as a Carrier for Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2. BioMed Research International, 2018:5437361.

Cha, Jae-Kook; Jung, Ui-Won; Thoma, Daniel S; Hämmerle, Christoph H F; Jung, Ronald E (2018). Osteogenic efficacy of BMP-2 mixed with hydrogel and bone substitute in peri-implant dehiscence defects in dogs: 16 weeks of healing. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 29(3):300-308.

Lee, Jung-Seok; Cha, Jae-Kook; Thoma, Daniel S; Jung, Ui-Won (2018). Report of a human autopsy case in maxillary sinuses augmented using a synthetic bone substitute: Micro-computed tomographic and histologic observations. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 29(3):339-345.

Thoma, Daniel S; Yoon, So-Ra; Cha, Jae-Kook; Lim, Hyun-Chang; Lee, Jung-Seok; Choi, Seong-Ho; Jung, Ui-Won (2018). Sinus floor elevation using implants coated with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2: micro-computed tomographic and histomorphometric analyses. Clinical Oral Investigations, 22(2):829-837.

Benic, Goran I; Joo, Myung-Jae; Yoon, So-Ra; Cha, Jae-Kook; Jung, Ui-Won (2017). Primary ridge augmentation with collagenated xenogenic block bone substitute in combination with collagen membrane and rhBMP-2: a pilot histological investigation. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 28(12):1543-1552.

Thoma, Daniel S; Cha, Jae-Kook; Sapata, Vitor M; Jung, Ronald E; Hüsler, Juerg; Jung, Ui-Won (2017). Localized bone regeneration around dental implants using recombinant bone morphogenetic protein-2 and platelet-derived growth factor-BB in the canine. Clinical Oral Implants Research, 28(11):1334-1341.

Thoma, Daniel Stefan; Cha, Jae-Kook; Jung, Ui-Won (2017). Treatment concepts for the posterior maxilla and mandible: short implants versus long implants in augmented bone. Journal of Periodontal & Implant Science, 47(1):2.

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