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Boni, Rainer; Chauhan, Harsh; Hensel, Goetz; Roulin, Anne; Sucher, Justine; Kumlehn, Jochen; Brunner, Susanne; Krattinger, Simon G; Keller, Beat (2018). Pathogen-inducible Ta-Lr34res expression in heterologous barley confers disease resistance without negative pleiotropic effects. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 16(1):245-253.

Krattinger, Simon G; Sucher, Justine; Selter, Liselotte L; Chauhan, Harsh; Zhou, Bo; Tang, Mingzhi; Upadhyaya, Narayana M; Mieulet, Delphine; Guiderdoni, Emmanuel; Weidenbach, Denise; Schaffrath, Ulrich; Lagudah, Evans S; Keller, Beat (2016). The wheat durable, multipathogen resistance geneLr34confers partial blast resistance in rice. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 14(5):1261-1268.

Chauhan, Harsh; Boni, Rainer; Bucher, Rahel; Kuhn, Benjamin; Buchmann, Gabriele; Sucher, Justine; Selter, Liselotte L; Hensel, Goetz; Kumlehn, Jochen; Bigler, Laurent; Glauser, Gaƫtan; Wicker, Thomas; Krattinger, Simon G; Keller, Beat (2015). The wheat resistance gene Lr34 results in the constitutive induction of multiple defense pathways in transgenic barley. The Plant Journal, 84(1):202-215.

Wu, Keqiang; Khurana, Neetika; Chauhan, Harsh; Khurana, Paramjit (2013). Wheat chloroplast targeted shsp26 promoter confers heat and abiotic stress inducible expression in transgenic arabidopsis plants. PLoS ONE, 8(1):e54418.

Risk, Joanna M; Selter, Liselotte L; Chauhan, Harsh; Krattinger, Simon G; Kumlehn, Jochen; Hensel, Goetz; Viccars, Libby A; Richardson, Terese M; Buesing, Gabriele; Troller, Anna; Lagudah, Evans S; Keller, Beat (2013). The wheatLr34gene provides resistance against multiple fungal pathogens in barley. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 11(7):847-854.

Khurana, Neetika; Chauhan, Harsh; Khurana, Paramjit (2012). Expression analysis of a heat-inducible, Myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase (MIPS) gene from wheat and the alternatively spliced variants of rice and Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Reports, 31(1):237-251.

Chauhan, Harsh; Khurana, Neetika; Nijhavan, Aashima; Khurana, Jitendra p; Khurana, Paramjit (2012). The wheat chloroplastic small heat shock protein (sHSP26) is involved in seed maturation and germination and imparts tolerance to heat stress. Plant, cell & environment, 35(11):1912-1931.

Chauhan, Harsh; Khurana, Paramjit (2011). Use of doubled haploid technology for development of stable drought tolerant bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) transgenics. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 9(3):408-417.

Chauhan, Harsh; Khurana, Neetika; Agarwal, Pinky; Khurana, Paramjit (2011). Heat shock factors in rice (Oryza sativa L.): genome-wide expression analysis during reproductive development and abiotic stress. Molecular Genetics and Genomics, 286(2):171-187.

Chauhan, Harsh; Khurana, Neetika; Tyagi, Akhilesh K; Khurana, Jitendra P; Khurana, Paramjit (2011). Identification and characterization of high temperature stress responsive genes in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and their regulation at various stages of development. Plant molecular biology, 75(1-2):35-51.

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