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Jacquelot, N; Roberti, M P; Enot, D P; Rusakiewicz, S; Ternès, N; Jegou, S; Woods, D M; Sodré, A L; Hansen, M; Meirow, Y; Sade-Feldman, M; Burra, A; Kwek, S S; Flament, C; Messaoudene, M; Duong, C P M; Chen, L; Kwon, B S; Anderson, A C; Kuchroo, V K; Weide, B; Aubin, F; Borg, C; Dalle, S; Beatrix, O; Ayyoub, M; Balme, B; Tomasic, G; Di Giacomo, A M; Maio, M; et al (2017). Predictors of responses to immune checkpoint blockade in advanced melanoma. Nature Communications:8:592.

Betschart, C; Chen, L; Ashton-Miller, J A; Delancey, J O L (2013). On pelvic reference lines and the MR evaluation of genital prolapse: a proposal for standardization using the Pelvic Inclination Correction System. International urogynecology journal and pelvic floor dysfunction, 24(9):1421-1428.

Heathfield, S; Parker, B; Zeef, L; Bruce, I; Alexander, Y; Collins, F; Stone, M; Wang, E; Williams, A S; Wright, H L; Thomas, H B; Moots, R J; Edwards, S W; Bullock, C; Chapman, V; Walsh, D A; Mobasheri, A; Kendall, D; Kelly, S; Bayley, R; Buckley, C D; Young, S P; Rump-Goodrich, L; Middleton, J; Chen, L; Fisher, R; Kollnberger, S; Shastri, N; Kessler, B M; Bowness, P; et al (2012). Basic science 232. Certolizumab pegol prevents pro-inflammatory alterations in endothelial cell function. Rheumatology, 51(Suppl 3):iii140-iii184.

Small, G R; Yam, Y; Chen, L; Ahmed, O; Al-Mallah, M; Berman, D S; Cheng, V Y; Chinnaiyan, K; Raff, G; Villines, T C; Achenbach, S; Budoff, M J; Cademartiri, F; Callister, T Q; Chang, H J; Delago, A; Dunning, A; Hadamitzky, M; Hausleiter, J; Kaufmann, P; Lin, F; Maffei, E; Min, J K; Shaw, L J; Chow, B J W (2011). Prognostic assessment of coronary artery bypass patients with 64-slice computed tomography angiography: anatomical information is incremental to clinical risk prediction. Journal American College of Cardiology, 58(23):2389-2895.

Chow, B J W; Small, G; Yam, Y; Chen, L; Achenbach, S; Al-Mallah, M; Berman, D S; Budoff, M J; Cademartiri, F; Callister, T Q; Chang, H J; Cheng, V; Chinnaiyan, K M; Delago, A; Dunning, A; Hadamitzky, M; Hausleiter, J; Kaufmann, P; Lin, F; Maffei, E; Raff, G L; Shaw, L J; Villines, T C; Min, J K (2011). Incremental prognostic value of cardiac computed tomography in coronary artery disease using CONFIRM: COroNary computed tomography angiography evaluation for clinical outcomes: an InteRnational Multicenter registry. Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging, 4(5):463-472.

Niemeyer, C M; Kang, M W; Shin, D H; Furlan, I; Erlacher, M; Bunin, N J; Bunda, S; Finklestein, J Z; Sakamoto, K M; Gorr, T A; Mehta, P; Schmid, I; Kropshofer, G; Corbacioglu, S; Lang, P J; Klein, C; Schlegel, P-G; Heinzmann, A; Schneider, M; Starý, J; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, M M; Hasle, H; Locatelli, F; Sakai, D; Archambeault, S; Chen, L; Russell, R C; Sybingco, S S; Ohh, M; Braun, B S; Flotho, C; Loh, M L (2010). Germline CBL mutations cause developmental abnormalities and predispose to juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia. Nature Genetics, 42(9):794-800.

Loh, M L; Sakai, D S; Flotho, C; Kang, M; Fliegauf, M; Archambeault, S; Mullighan, C G; Chen, L; Bergstraesser, E; Bueso-Ramos, C E; Emanuel, P D; Hasle, H; Issa, J P; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, M M; Locatelli, F; Stary, J; Trebo, M; Wlodarski, M; Zecca, M; Shannon, K M; Niemeyer, C M (2009). Mutations in CBL occur frequently in juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia. Blood, 114(9):1859-1863.

Schreiner, B; Bailey, S L; Shin, T; Chen, L; Miller, S D (2008). PD-1 ligands expressed on myeloid-derived APC in the CNS regulate T-cell responses in EAE. European Journal of Immunology, 38(10):2706-2717.

Magnus, T; Schreiner, B; Korn, T; Jack, C; Guo, H; Antel, J; Ifergan, I; Chen, L; Bischof, F; Bar-Or, A; Wiendl, H (2005). Microglial expression of the B7 family member B7 homolog 1 confers strong immune inhibition: implications for immune responses and autoimmunity in the CNS. Journal of Neuroscience, 25(10):2537-2546.

Schreiner, B; Mitsdoerffer, M; Kieseier, B C; Chen, L; Hartung, H P; Weller, M; Wiendl, H (2004). Interferon-beta enhances monocyte and dendritic cell expression of B7-H1 (PD-L1), a strong inhibitor of autologous T-cell activation: relevance for the immune modulatory effect in multiple sclerosis. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 155(1-2):172-182.

Wintterle, S; Schreiner, B; Mitsdoerffer, M; Schneider, D; Chen, L; Meyermann, R; Weller, M; Wiendl, H (2003). Expression of the B7-related molecule B7-H1 by glioma cells: a potential mechanism of immune paralysis. Cancer Research, 63(21):7462-7467.

Barbour, A D; Chen, L; Choi, K (1995). Poisson approximation for unbounded functions. I. Independent summands. Statistica Sinica, 5(2):749-766.

Barbour, A D; Chen, L; Loh, W-L (1992). Compound Poisson approximation for nonnegative random variables via Stein's method. The Annals of Probability, 20(4):1843-1866.

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