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Murer, Anita; McHugh, Donal; Caduff, Nicole; Kalchschmidt, Jens; Barros, Mario; Zbinden, Andrea; Capaul, Riccarda; Niedobitek, Gerald; Allday, Martin; Chijioke, Obinna; Münz, Christian (2018). EBV persistence without its EBNA3A and 3C oncogenes in vivo. PLoS Pathogens, 14(4):e1007039.

Chatterjee, Bithi; Sahli, Laura; Chijioke, Obinna; Went, Philip; Münz, Christian; Trojan, Andreas (2017). An immunocompetent patient with a recurrence-free Epstein-Barr virus positive plasmacytoma possesses robust Epstein-Barr virus specific T-cell responses. Haematologica, 102(10):e419-e422.

Raykova, Ana; Carrega, Paolo; Lehmann, Frank M; Ivanek, Robert; Landtwing, Vanessa; Quast, Isaak; Lünemann, Jan D; Finke, Daniela; Ferlazzo, Guido; Chijioke, Obinna; Münz, Christian (2017). Interleukins 12 and 15 induce cytotoxicity and early NK-cell differentiation in type 3 innate lymphoid cells. Blood advances, 1(27):2679-2691.

Münz, Christian; Chijioke, Obinna (2017). Natural killer cells in herpesvirus infections. F1000Research, 6:1231.

Landtwing, Vanessa; Raykova, Ana; Pezzino, Gaetana; Béziat, Vivien; Marcenaro, Emanuela; Graf, Claudine; Moretta, Alessandro; Capaul, Riccarda; Zbinden, Andrea; Ferlazzo, Guido; Malmberg, Karl-Johan; Chijioke, Obinna; Münz, Christian (2016). Cognate HLA absence in trans diminishes human NK cell education. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 126(10):3772-3782.

Chijioke, Obinna; Landtwing, Vanessa; Münz, Christian (2016). NK cell influence on the outcome of primary epstein-barr virus infection. Frontiers in Immunology, 7:323.

Ferreira-Teixeira, Margarida; Paiva-Oliveira, Daniela; Parada, Belmiro; Alves, Vera; Sousa, Vitor; Chijioke, Obinna; Münz, Christian; Reis, Flávio; Rodrigues-Santos, Paulo; Gomes, Célia (2016). Natural killer cell-based adoptive immunotherapy eradicates and drives differentiation of chemoresistant bladder cancer stem-like cells. BMC Medicine, 14:163.

Chijioke, Obinna; Marcenaro, Emanuela; Moretta, Alessandro; Capaul, Riccarda; Münz, Christian (2015). Role of the 2B4 receptor in CD8+ T-cell-dependent immune control of Epstein-barr virus infection in mice with reconstituted human immune system components. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 212(5):803-807.

Chijioke, Obinna; Bawohl, Marion; Springer, Erik; Weber, Achim (2015). Hepatitis e virus detection in liver tissue from patients with suspected drug-induced liver injury. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry, 2:20.

Azzi, Tarik; Lünemann, Anna; Murer, Anita; Ueda, Seigo; Béziat, Vivien; Malmberg, Karl-Johan; Staubli, Georg; Gysin, Claudine; Berger, Christoph; Münz, Christian; Chijioke, Obinna; Nadal, David (2014). Role for early-differentiated natural killer cells in infectious mononucleosis. Blood, 124(16):2533-2543.

Antsiferova, Olga; Müller, Anne; Rämer, Patrick C; Chijioke, Obinna; Chatterjee, Bithi; Raykova, Ana; Planas, Raquel; Sospedra, Mireia; Shumilov, Anatoliy; Tsai, Ming-Han; Delecluse, Henri-Jacques; Münz, Christian (2014). Adoptive transfer of EBV specific CD8+ T cell clones can transiently control EBV infection in humanized mice. PLoS Pathogens, 10(8):e1004333.

Jandus, Camilla; Boligan, Kayluz Frias; Chijioke, Obinna; Liu, He; Dahlhaus, Meike; Démoulins, Thomas; Schneider, Christoph; Wehrli, Marc; Hunger, Robert E; Baerlocher, Gabriela M; Simon, Hans-Uwe; Romero, Pedro; Münz, Christian; von Gunten, Stephan (2014). Interactions between Siglec-7/9 receptors and ligands influence NK cell-dependent tumor immunosurveillance. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 124(4):1810-1820.

Chijioke, Obinna; Münz, Christian (2013). Dendritic cell derived cytokines in human natural killer cell differentiation and activation. Frontiers in Immunology:4:365.

Chijioke, Obinna; Müller, Anne; Feederle, Regina; Barros, Mario Henrique M; Krieg, Carsten; Emmel, Vanessa; Marcenaro, Emanuela; Leung, Carol S; Antsiferova, Olga; Landtwing, Vanessa; Bossart, Walter; Moretta, Alessandro; Hassan, Rocio; Boyman, Onur; Niedobitek, Gerald; Delecluse, Henri-Jacques; Capaul, Riccarda; Münz, Christian (2013). Human natural killer cells prevent infectious mononucleosis features by targeting lytic epstein-barr virus infection. Cell Reports, 5(6):1489-1498.

Leung, Carol; Chijioke, Obinna; Gujer, Cornelia; Chatterjee, Bithi; Antsiferova, Olga; Landtwing, Vanessa; McHugh, Donal; Raykova, Ana; Münz, Christian (2013). Infectious diseases in humanized mice. European Journal of Immunology, 43(9):2246-2254.

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Chijioke, Obinna; Münz, Christian (2011). Interactions of human myeloid cells with natural killer cell subsets in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, 2011:251679.

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