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Mignardot, Jean-Baptiste; Le Goff, Camille G; van den Brand, Rubia; Capogrosso, Marco; Fumeaux, Nicolas; Vallery, Heike; Anil, Selin; Lanini, Jessica; Fodor, Isabelle; Eberle, Grégoire; Ijspeert, Auke; Schurch, Brigitte; Curt, Armin; Carda, Stefano; Bloch, Jocelyne; von Zitzewitz, Joachim; Courtine, Grégoire (2017). A multidirectional gravity-assist algorithm that enhances locomotor control in patients with stroke or spinal cord injury. Science Translational Medicine, 9(399):eaah3621.

Awai, Lea; Bolliger, Marc; Ferguson, Adam R; Courtine, Grégoire; Curt, Armin (2015). Influence of spinal cord integrity on gait control in human spinal cord injury. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair:562-572.

Friedli, Lucia; Rosenzweig, Ephron S; Barraud, Quentin; Schubert, Martin; Dominici, Nadia; Awai, Lea; Nielson, Jessica L; Musienko, Pavel; Nout-Lomas, Yvette; Zhong, Hui; Zdunowski, Sharon; Roy, Roland R; Strand, Sarah C; van den Brand, Rubia; Havton, Leif A; Beattie, Michael S; Bresnahan, Jacqueline C; Bézard, Erwan; Bloch, Jocelyne; Edgerton, V Reggie; Ferguson, Adam R; Curt, Armin; Tuszynski, Mark H; Courtine, Grégoire (2015). Pronounced species divergence in corticospinal tract reorganization and functional recovery after lateralized spinal cord injury favors primates. Science Translational Medicine, 7(302):134-302.

van den Brand, Rubia; Mignardot, Jean-Baptiste; von Zitzewitz, Joachim; Le Goff, Camille; Fumeaux, Nicolas; Wagner, Fabien; Capogrosso, Marco; Martin Moraud, Eduardo; Micera, Silvestro; Schurch, Brigitte; Curt, Armin; Carda, Stefano; Bloch, Jocelyne; Courtine, Grégoire (2015). Neuroprosthetic technologies to augment the impact of neurorehabilitation after spinal cord injury. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 58(4):232-237.

Beauparlant, Janine; van den Brand, Rubia; Barraud, Quentin; Friedli, Lucia; Musienko, Pavel; Dietz, Volker; Courtine, Grégoire (2013). Undirected compensatory plasticity contributes to neuronal dysfunction after severe spinal cord injury. Brain, 136(Pt 11):3347-3361.

Horst, Maya; Heutschi, Janine; den Brand, Rubiavan; Andersson, Karl E; Gobet, Rita; Sulser, Tullio; Courtine, Grégoire; Eberli, Daniel (2013). Multi-system neuroprosthetic training improves bladder function after severe spinal cord injury. Journal of Urology, 189(2):747-753.

Dominici, Nadia; Keller, Urs; Vallery, Heike; Friedli, Lucia; van den Brand, Rubia; Starkey, Michelle L; Musienko, Pavel; Riener, Robert; Courtine, Grégoire (2012). Versatile robotic interface to evaluate, enable and train locomotion and balance after neuromotor disorders. Nature Medicine, 18(7):1142-1147.

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