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Maul, J-T; Navarini, A A; Sommer, R; Anzengruber, F; Sorbe, C; Mrowietz, U; Drach, M; Blome, C; Boehncke, W-H; Thaci, D; Reich, K; von Kiedrowski, R; Körber, A; Yawalkar, N; Mainetti, C; Laffitte, E; Streit, M; Rustenbach, S; Conrad, C; Borradori, L; Gilliet, M; Cozzio, A; Itin, P; Häusermann, P; French, L E; Radtke, M A; Augustin, M (2019). Gender and age significantly determine patient needs and treatment goals in psoriasis - a lesson for practice. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, 33(4):700-708.

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