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Aebi-Popp, K; Mercanti, V; Voide, C; Nemeth, J; Cusini, A; Jakopp, B; Nicca, D; Rasi, M; Bruno, A; Calmy, A; Martinez de Tejada, B; Swiss HIV Cohort Study (2018). Neglect of attention to reproductive health in women with HIV infection: contraceptive use and unintended pregnancies in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study. HIV Medicine, 19(5):339-346.

Cusini, A; Béguelin, C; Stampf, S; Boggian, K; Garzoni, C; Koller, M; Manuel, O; Meylan, P; Mueller, N J; Hirsch, H H; Weisser, M; Berger, C; van Delden, C; Swiss Transplant Cohort Study (2018). Clostridium difficile infection is associated with graft loss in solid organ transplant recipients. American Journal of Transplantation, 18(7):1745-1754.

Matter-Walstra, K W; Greiner, M; Cusini, A; Schiesser, M; Ledergerber, B; Fehr, T; Mueller, N J (2015). Stringent adherence to a cytomegalovirus-prevention protocol is associated with reduced overall costs in the first 6 months after kidney transplantation. Transplant Infectious Disease, 17(3):342-349.

Bucheli, E; Kralidis, G; Boggian, K; Cusini, A; Garzoni, C; Manuel, O; Meylan, P R A; Mueller, N J; Khanna, N; van Delden, C; Berger, C; Koller, M T; Weisser, M (2014). Impact of enterococcal colonization and infection in solid organ transplantation recipients from the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study. Transplant Infectious Disease, 16(1):26-36.

Cusini, A; Vernazza, P L; Yerly, S; Decosterd, L A; Ledergerber, B; Fux, C A; Rohrbach, J; Widmer, N; Hirschel, B; Gaudenz, R; Cavassini, M; Klimkait, Th; Zenger, F; Gutmann, C; Opravil, M; Günthard, H F (2013). Higher CNS Penetration-Effectiveness of long-term combination antiretroviral therapy is associated with better HIV-1 viral suppression in cerebrospinal fluid. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 62(1):28-35.

Manuel, O; Kralidis, G; Mueller, N J; Hirsch, H H; Garzoni, C; van Delden, C; Berger, C; Boggian, K; Cusini, A; Koller, M T; Weisser, M; Pascual, M; Meylan, P R (2013). Impact of antiviral preventive strategies on the incidence and outcomes of cytomegalovirus disease in solid organ transplant recipients. American Journal of Transplantation, 13(9):2402-2410.

Greiner, M; Cusini, A; Ruesch, M; Schiesser, M; Ledergerber, B; Fehr, T; Mueller, N J (2012). A stringent preemptive protocol reduces cytomegalovirus disease in the first 6 months after kidney transplantation. Infection, 40(6):669-675.

Huber, M; Ledergerber, B; Sauter, R; Young, J; Fehr, J; Cusini, A; Battegay, M; Calmy, A; Orasch, C; Nicca, D; Bernasconi, E; Jaccard, R; Held, L; Weber, R (2012). Outcome of smoking cessation counselling of HIV-positive persons by HIV care physicians. HIV medicine, 13(7):387-397.

Cusini, A; Rampini, S K; Bansal, V; Ledergerber, B; Kuster, S P; Ruef, C; Weber, R (2010). Different patterns of inappropriate antimicrobial use in surgical and medical units at a tertiary care hospital in Switzerland: a prevalence survey. PLoS ONE, 5(11):e14011.

Cusini, A; Günthard, H F; Stussi, G; Schwarz, U; Fehr, T; Grueter, E; Meerbach, A; Bossart, W; Schaer, D J; Rudiger, A (2010). Hemophagocytic syndrome caused by primary herpes simplex virus 1 infection: report of a first case. Infection, 38(5):423-426.

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Cusini, A; Günthard, H F; Weber, R; Huber, M; Kamarashev, J; Bertisch, B; Peter, S; Beck, B (2009). Lepromatous leprosy with erythema nodosum leprosum as immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in an HIV-1 infected patient after initiation of antiretroviral therapy. BMJ Case Reports:bcr0520091904.

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