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Raab, Gerald; Scarciglia, Fabio; Norton, Kevin; Dahms, Dennis; Brandová, Dagmar; de Castro Portes, Raquel; Christl, Marcus; Ketterer, Michael E; Ruppli, Annina; Egli, Markus (2018). Denudation variability of the Sila Massif upland (Italy) from decades to millennia using 10Be and 239+240Pu. Land Degradation & Development, 29(10):3736-3752.

Egli, Markus; Hunt, Allen G; Dahms, Dennis; Raab, Gerald; Derungs, Curdin; Raimondi, Salvatore; Yu, Fang (2018). Prediction of soil formation as a function of age using the percolation theory approach. Frontiers in Environmental Science:6:108.

Portes, Raquel; Dahms, Dennis; Brandová, Dagmar; Raab, Gerald; Christl, Marcus; Kühn, Peter; Ketterer, Michael; Egli, Markus (2018). Evolution of soil erosion rates in alpine soils of the Central Rocky Mountains using fallout Pu and δ13 C. Earth and planetary science letters, 496:257-269.

Dahms, Dennis; Egli, Markus; Fabel, Derek; Harbor, Jon; Brandová, Dagmar; de Castro Portes, Raquel; Christl, Marcus (2018). Revised Quaternary glacial succession and post-LGM recession, southern Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA. Quaternary Science Reviews, 192:167-184.

Raab, Gerald; Scarciglia, Fabio; Norton, Kevin; Dahms, Dennis; Brandová, Dagmar; de Castro Portes, Raquel; Christl, Marcus; Ketterer, Michael; Ruppli, Annina; Egli, Markus (2018). Using granite landforms to decrypt soil erosion variations over millennia with in-situ 10Be and 239+240Pu. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 20(EGU2018-12):online.

Dahms, Dennis; Egli, Markus (2016). Carbonate and elemental accumulation rates in arid soils of mid-to-late Pleistocene outwash terraces, southeastern Wind River Range, Wyoming, USA. Chemical Geology, 446:147-162.

Mavris, Christian; Furrer, Gerhard; Dahms, Dennis; Anderson, Suzanne P; Blum, Alex; Goetze, Jens; Wells, Aaron; Egli, Markus (2015). Decoding potential effects of climate and vegetation change on mineral weathering in alpine soils: An experimental study in the Wind River Range (Wyoming, USA). Geoderma, 255-256:12-26.

Jäger, Hans; Achermann, Matthias; Waroszewski, Jarosław; Kabała, Cezary; Malkiewicz, Małgorzata; Gärtner, Holger; Dahms, Dennis; Krebs, Rolf; Egli, Markus (2015). Pre-alpine mire sediments as a mirror of erosion, soil formation and landscape evolution during the last 45ka. Catena, 128:63-79.

Egli, Markus; Dahms, Dennis; Norton, Kevin (2014). Soil formation rates on silicate parent material in alpine environments: Different approaches–different results? Geoderma, 213:320-333.

Züst, Fabian; Dahms, Dennis; Purves, Ross S; Egli, Markus (2014). Surface reconstruction and derivation of erosion rates over several glaciations (1Ma) in an alpine setting (Sinks Canyon, Wyoming, USA). Geomorphology, 219:232-247.

Egli, Markus; Favilli, Filippo; Krebs, Rolf; Pichler, Barbara; Dahms, Dennis (2012). Soil organic carbon and nitrogen accumulation rates in cold and alpine environments over 1Ma. Geoderma, 183-184:109-123.

Dahms, Dennis; Favilli, Filippo; Krebs, Rolf; Egli, Markus (2012). Soil weathering and accumulation rates of oxalate-extractable phases derived from alpine chronosequences of up to 1Ma in age. Geomorphology, 151-152:99-113.

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