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Gorlanova, O; Illi, S; Toncheva, A A; Usemann, J; Latzin, P; Kabesch, M; Dalphin, J-C; Lauener, R; Pekkanen, J R; Von Mutius, E; Riedler, J; Kuehni, C E; Röösli, M; Frey, U; BILD and PASTURE study groups (2018). Protective effects of breastfeeding on respiratory symptoms in infants with 17q21 asthma risk variants. Allergy, 73(12):2388-2392.

Chauveau, A; Dalphin, M-L; Mauny, F; Kaulek, V; Schmausser-Hechfellner, E; Renz, H; Riedler, J; Pekkanen, J; Karvonen, A M; Lauener, R; Roduit, C; Vuitton, D A; von Mutius, E; Dalphin, J-C; PASTURE Study Group (2017). Skin prick tests and specific IgE in 10-year-old children: Agreement and association with allergic diseases. Allergy, 72(9):1365-1373.

Nwaru, B I; Virtanen, S M; Alfthan, G; Karvonen, A M; Genuneit, J; Lauener, R P; Dalphin, J-C; Hyvärinen, A; Pfefferle, P; Riedler, J; Weber, J; Roduit, C; Kaulek, V; Braun-Fahrländer, C; von Mutius, E; Pekkanen, J (2014). Serum vitamin E concentrations at 1 year and risk of atopy, atopic dermatitis, wheezing, and asthma in childhood: the PASTURE study. Allergy, 69(1):87-94.

Orivuori, L; Loss, G; Roduit, C; Dalphin, J-C; Depner, M; Genuneit, J; Lauener, R; Pekkanen, J; Pfefferle, P; Riedler, J; Roponen, M; Weber, J; von Mutius, E; Braun-Fahrländer, C; Vaarala, O (2014). Soluble immunoglobulin A in breast milk is inversely associated with atopic dermatitis at early age: The PASTURE cohort study. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 44(1):102-112.

Schieck, M; Sharma, V; Michel, S; Toncheva, A A; Worth, L; Potaczek, D P; Genuneit, J; Kretschmer, A; Depner, M; Dalphin, J-C; Riedler, J; Frei, R; Pekkanen, J; Tost, J; Kabesch, M (2014). A polymorphism in the TH 2 locus control region is associated with changes in DNA methylation and gene expression. Allergy, 69(9):1171-1180.

Michel, S; Busato, F; Genuneit, J; Pekkanen, J; Dalphin, J-C; Riedler, J; Mazaleyrat, N; Weber, J; Karvonen, A M; Hirvonen, M-R; Braun-Fahrländer, C; Lauener, R; von Mutius, E; Kabesch, M; Tost, J (2013). Farm exposure and time trends in early childhood may influence DNA methylation in genes related to asthma and allergy. Allergy, 68(3):355-364.

Karvonen, A M; Hyvärinen, A; Gehring, U; Korppi, M; Doekes, G; Riedler, J; Braun-Fahrländer, C; Bitter, S; Schmid, S; Keski-Nisula, L; Roponen, M; Kaulek, V; Dalphin, J-C; Pfefferle, P I; Renz, H; Büchele, G; von Mutius, E; Pekkanen, J (2012). Exposure to microbial agents in house dust and wheezing, atopic dermatitis and atopic sensitization in early childhood: a birth cohort study in rural areas. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 42(8):1246-1256.

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