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Eisenach, Cornelia; Baetz, Ulrike; Huck, Nicola V; Zhang, Jingbo; De Angeli, Alexis; Beckers, Gerold J M; Martinoia, Enrico (2017). ABA-induced stomatal closure involves ALMT4, a phosphorylation-dependent vacuolar anion channel of arabidopsis. Plant Cell, 29(10):2552-2569.

Zhang, Jingbo; Martinoia, Enrico; De Angeli, Alexis (2014). Cytosolic nucleotides block and regulate the Arabidopsis vacuolar anion channel AtALMT9. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 289(37):25581-25589.

Wege, Stefanie; De Angeli, Alexis; Droillard, Marie-Jo; Kroniewicz, Laetitia; Merlot, Sylvain; Cornu, David; Gambale, Franco; Martinoia, Enrico; Barbier-Brygoo, Hélène; Thomine, Sébastien; Leonhardt, Nathalie; Filleur, Sophie (2014). Phosphorylation of the vacuolar anion exchanger AtCLCa is required for the stomatal response to abscisic acid. Science Signaling, 7(333):ra65.

De Angeli, Alexis; Zhang, Jingbo; Meyer, Stefan; Martinoia, Enrico (2013). AtALMT9 is a malate-activated vacuolar chloride channel required for stomatal opening in Arabidopsis. Nature Communications, 4:1804.

Zhang, Jingbo; Baetz, Ulrike; Krügel, Undine; Martinoia, Enrico; De Angeli, Alexis (2013). Identification of a probable pore-forming domain in the multimeric vacuolar anion channel AtALMT9. Plant Physiology, 163(2):830-843.

De Angeli, Alexis; Baetz, Ulrike; Francisco, Rita; Zhang, Jingbo; Chaves, Maria Manuela; Regalado, Ana (2013). The vacuolar channel VvALMT9 mediates malate and tartrate accumulation in berries of Vitis vinifera. Planta, 238(2):283-291.

Gutla, Paul Vijay Kanth; Boccaccio, Anna; De Angeli, Alexis; Gambale, Franco; Carpaneto, Armando (2012). Modulation of plant TPC channels by polyunsaturated fatty acids. Journal of Experimental Botany, 63(17):6187-6197.

Martinoia, Enrico; Meyer, Stefan; De Angeli, Alexis; Nagy, Réka (2012). Vacuolar transporters in their physiological context. Annual Review of Plant Biology, 63:183-213.

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