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Izumi, H; Gauthier, M E A; Degnan, B M; Ng, Y K; Hewavitharana, A K; Shaw, P N; Fuerst, J A (2010). Diversity of Mycobacterium species from marine sponges and their sensitivity to antagonism by sponge-derived rifamycin-synthesizing actinobacterium in the genus Salinispora. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 313(1):33-40.

Gauthier, M E A; Du Pasquier, L; Degnan, B M (2010). The genome of the sponge Amphimedon queenslandica provides new perspectives into the origin of Toll-like and interleukin 1 receptor pathways. Evolution and Development, 12(5):519-533.

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Gostling, N J; Thomas, C W; Greenwood, J M; Dong, X; Bengtson, S; Raff, E C; Raff, R A; Degnan, B M; Stampanoni, M; Donoghue, P C J (2008). Deciphering the fossil record of early bilaterian embryonic development in light of experimental taphonomy. Evolution and Development, 10(3):339-349.

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