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Daga, Neha; Eicher, Simone; Kannan, Abhilash; Casanova, Alain; Low, Shyan H; Kreibich, Saskia; Andritschke, Daniel; Emmenlauer, Mario; Jenkins, Jeremy L; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich; Greber, Urs F; Dehio, Christoph; von Mering, Christian (2018). Growth-restricting effects of siRNA transfections: a largely deterministic combination of off-target binding and hybridization-independent competition. Nucleic Acids Research, 46(18):9309-9320.

Omasits, Ulrich; Varadarajan, Adithi R; Schmid, Michael; Goetze, Sandra; Melidis, Damianos; Bourqui, Marc; Nikolayeva, Olga; Québatte, Maxime; Patrignani, Andrea; Dehio, Christoph; Frey, Juerg E; Robinson, Mark D; Wollscheid, Bernd; Ahrens, Christian H (2017). An integrative strategy to identify the entire protein coding potential of prokaryotic genomes by proteogenomics. Genome Research, 27(12):2083-2095.

Andritschke, Daniel; Dilling, Sabrina; Emmenlauer, Mario; Welz, Tobias; Schmich, Fabian; Misselwitz, Benjamin; Rämö, Pauli; Rottner, Klemens; Kerkhoff, Eugen; Wada, Teiji; Penninger, Josef M; Beerenwinkel, Niko; Horvath, Peter; Dehio, Christoph; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich (2016). A genome-wide siRNA screen implicates Spire1/2 in SipA-driven salmonella typhimurium host cell invasion. PLoS ONE, 11(9):e0161965.

Kreibich, Saskia; Emmenlauer, Mario; Fredlund, Jennifer; Rämö, Pauli; Münz, Christian; Dehio, Christoph; Enninga, Jost; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich (2015). Autophagy Proteins Promote Repair of Endosomal Membranes Damaged by the Salmonella Type Three Secretion System 1. Cell Host & Microbe, 18(5):527-537.

Siebourg-Polster, Juliane; Mudrak, Daria; Emmenlauer, Mario; Rämö, Pauli; Dehio, Christoph; Greber, Urs; Fröhlich, Holger; Beerenwinkel, Niko (2015). NEMix: Single-cell Nested Effects Models for Probabilistic Pathway Stimulation. PLoS Computational Biology, 11(4):e1004078.

Schmich, Fabian; Szczurek, Ewa; Kreibich, Saskia; Dilling, Sabrina; Andritschke, Daniel; Casanova, Alain; Low, Shyan Huey; Eicher, Simone; Muntwiler, Simone; Emmenlauer, Mario; Rämö, Pauli; Conde-Alvarez, Raquel; von Mering, Christian; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich; Dehio, Christoph; Beerenwinkel, Niko (2015). gespeR: a statistical model for deconvoluting off-target-confounded RNA interference screens. Genome Biology, 16:220.

Rämö, Pauli; Drewek, Anna; Arrieumerlou, Cécile; Beerenwinkel, Niko; Ben-Tekaya, Houchaima; Cardel, Bettina; Casanova, Alain; Conde-Alvarez, Raquel; Cossart, Pascale; Csúcs, Gábor; Eicher, Simone; Emmenlauer, Mario; Greber, Urs; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich; Helenius, Ari; Kasper, Christoph; Kaufmann, Andreas; Kreibich, Saskia; Kühbacher, Andreas; Kunszt, Peter; Low, Shyan Huey; Mercer, Jason; Mudrak, Daria; Muntwiler, Simone; Pelkmans, Lucas; Pizarro-Cerdá, Javier; Podvinec, Michael; Pujadas, Eva; Rinn, Bernd; Rouilly, Vincent; Schmich, Fabian; Siebourg-Polster, Juliane; Snijder, Berend; Stebler, Michael; Studer, Gabriel; Szczurek, Ewa; Truttmann, Matthias; von Mering, Christian; Vonderheit, Andreas; Yakimovich, Artur; Bühlmann, Peter; Dehio, Christoph (2014). Simultaneous analysis of large-scale RNAi screens for pathogen entry. BMC Genomics, 15:1162.

Franceschini, Andrea; Meier, Roger; Casanova, Alain; Kreibich, Saskia; Daga, Neha; Andritschke, Daniel; Dilling, Sabrina; Rämö, Pauli; Emmenlauer, Mario; Kaufmann, Andreas; Conde-Álvarez, Raquel; Low, Shyan Huey; Pelkmans, Lucas; Helenius, Ari; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich; Dehio, Christoph; von Mering, Christian (2014). Specific inhibition of diverse pathogens in human cells by synthetic microRNA-like oligonucleotides inferred from RNAi screens. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111(12):4548-4553.

Goepfert, Arnaud; Stanger, Frédéric V; Dehio, Christoph; Schirmer, Tilman (2013). Conserved Inhibitory Mechanism and Competent ATP Binding Mode for Adenylyltransferases with Fic Fold. PLoS ONE, 8(5):e64901.

Omasits, Ulrich; Quebatte, Maxime; Stekhoven, Daniel J; Fortes, Claudia; Roschitzki, Bernd; Robinson, Mark D; Dehio, Christoph; Ahrens, Christian H (2013). Directed shotgun proteomics guided by saturated RNA-seq identifies a complete expressed prokaryotic proteome. Genome Research, 23(11):1916-1927.

Truttmann, Matthias C; Guye, Patrick; Dehio, Christoph (2011). BID-F1 and BID-F2 Domains of Bartonella henselae Effector Protein BepF Trigger Together with BepC the Formation of Invasome Structures. PLoS ONE, 6(10):e25106.

Engel, Philipp; Salzburger, Walter; Liesch, Marius; Chang, Chao-Chin; Maruyama, Soichi; Lanz, Christa; Calteau, Alexandra; Lajus, Aurélie; Médigue, Claudine; Schuster, Stephan C; Dehio, Christoph (2011). Parallel Evolution of a Type IV Secretion System in Radiating Lineages of the Host-Restricted Bacterial Pathogen Bartonella. PLoS Genetics, 7(2):e1001296.

Vayssier-Taussat, Muriel; Le Rhun, Danielle; Deng, Hong Kuan; Biville, Francis; Cescau, Sandra; Danchin, Antoine; Marignac, Geneviève; Lenaour, Evelyne; Boulouis, Henri Jean; Mavris, Maria; Arnaud, Lionel; Yang, Huanming; Wang, Jing; Quebatte, Maxime; Engel, Philipp; Saenz, Henri; Dehio, Christoph (2010). The Trw Type IV Secretion System of Bartonella Mediates Host-Specific Adhesion to Erythrocytes. PLoS Pathogens, 6(6):e1000946.

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