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Pecqueur, L; Duellberg, C; Dreier, B; Jiang, Q; Wang, C; Plückthun, A; Surrey, T; Gigant, B; Knossow, M (2012). A designed ankyrin repeat protein selected to bind to tubulin caps the microtubule plus end. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 109(30):12011-12016.

Mignot, I; Pecqueur, L; Dorléans, A; Karuppasamy, M; Ravelli, R B G; Dreier, B; Plückthun, A; Knossow, M; Gigant, B (2012). Design and Characterization of Modular Scaffolds for Tubulin Assembly. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 287(37):31085-31094.

Dreier, B; Mikheeva, G; Belousova, N; Parizek, P; Boczek, E; Jelesarov, I; Forrer, P; Plückthun, A; Krasnykh, V (2011). Her2-specific multivalent adapters confer designed tropism to adenovirus for gene targeting. Journal of Molecular Biology, 405(2):410-426.

Dreier, B; Plückthun, A (2011). Ribosome display: a technology for selecting and evolving proteins from large libraries. Methods in Molecular Biology, 687:283-306.

Theurillat, J P; Dreier, B; Nagy-Davidescu, G; Seifert, Burkhardt; Behnke, S; Zürrer-Härdi, U; Ingold, F; Plückthun, A; Moch, H (2010). Designed ankyrin repeat proteins: a novel tool for testing epidermal growth factor receptor 2 expression in breast cancer. Modern Pathology, 23(9):1289-1297.

Zahnd, C; Kawe, M; Stumpp, M T; de Pasquale, C; Tamaskovic, R; Nagy-Davidescu, G; Dreier, B; Schibli, R; Binz, H K; Waibel, R; Plückthun, A (2010). Efficient tumor targeting with high-affinity designed ankyrin repeat proteins: effects of affinity and molecular size. Cancer Research, 70(4):1595-1605.

Veesler, D; Dreier, B; Blangy, S; Lichière, J; Tremblay, D; Moineau, S; Spinelli, S; Tegoni, M; Plückthun, A; Campanacci, V; Cambillau, C (2009). Crystal structure and function of a DARPin neutralizing inhibitor of lactococcal phage TP901-1: comparison of DARPin and camelid VHH binding mode. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284(44):30718-30726.

Reif, R; Sales, S; Dreier, B; Lüscher, D; Wölfel, J; Gisler, C; Baici, A; Kunz, B; Sonderegger, P (2008). Purification and enzymological characterization of murine neurotrypsin. Protein Expression and Purification, 61(1):13-21.

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