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Beck-Ripp, Julia Christiane; Dressel, Holger (2019). Need For Long-Term Care in Children is Increasingly Caused by Disorders of Psychological Development. Changes in the Care Causing Diagnoses According to German Social Code (SGB XI) Between 2009-2014. Gesundheitswesen, 81(08/09):e141-e145.

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Vrugt, Bart; Frauenfelder, Thomas; Dressel, Holger; Barresi, Fabio; Clarenbach, Christian; Kuhn, Barbara (2018). Secondary pleuroparenchymal fibro-elastosis with airway-centered fibro-elastosis and con-strictive bronchiolitis associated with agriculture dust exposure. Case Reports in Clinical Pathology, 5(1):4.

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Schelkle, M; Braun, J; Jörres, R; Schierl, R; Dressel, Holger (2017). Respiratory allergies among veterinarians: two cross-sectional surveys from 2006 to 2012. International Archives Of Occupational And Environmental Health, 90(7):639-643.

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Byber, Katarzyna; Lison, Dominique; Verougstraete, Violaine; Dressel, Holger; Hotz, Philipp (2016). Cadmium or cadmium compounds and chronic kidney disease in workers and the general population: a systematic review. Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 46(3):191-240.

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Beck-Ripp, Julia Christiane; Dressel, Holger (2014). Pflegebedürftigkeit nach SGB XI bei Kindern und Jugendlichen. Eine Analyse der Pflegebegutachtung des MDK Bayern. Gesundheitswesen, 77(06):405-410.

Rösslein, Rosa; Dressel, Holger (2014). Ursachen für Pflegebedürftigkeit im Kontext der sozialen Pflegeversicherung. Pflege Zeitschrift, 67(9):558-561.

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