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Rhodin, M; Persson-Sjodin, E; Egenvall, A; Serra Bragança, F M; Pfau, T; Roepstorff, L; Weishaupt, Michael A; Thomsen, M H; van Weeren, P R; Hernlund, E (2018). Vertical movement symmetry of the withers in horses with induced forelimb and hindlimb lameness at trot. Equine Veterinary Journal, 50(6):818-824.

Byström, A; Roepstorff, L; Rhodin, M; Serra Bragança, F; Engell, M T; Hernlund, E; Persson-Sjödin, E; van Weeren, R; Weishaupt, Michael A; Egenvall, A (2018). Lateral movement of the saddle relative to the equine spine in rising and sitting trot on a treadmill. PLoS ONE, 13(7):e0200534.

Rhodin, M; Byström, A; Roepstorff, L; Hernlund, E; van Weeren, P R; Weishaupt, Michael A; Egenvall, A (2018). Effect of different head and neck positions on kinematics of elite dressage horses ridden at walk on treadmill. Comparative Exercise Physiology, 14(2):69-78.

Engell, M T; Clayton, H M; Egenvall, A; Weishaupt, Michael A; Roepstorff, L (2016). Postural changes and their effects in elite riders when actively influencing the horse versus sitting passively at trot. Comparative Exercise Physiology, 12(1):27-33.

Lönnell, A C; Bröjer, J; Nostell, K; Hernlund, E; Roepstorff, L; Tranquille, C A; Murray, R C; Oomen, A; van Weeren, R; Bitschnau, C; Montavon, S; Weishaupt, M A; Egenvall, A (2014). Variation in training regimens in professional showjumping yards. Equine Veterinary Journal, 46(2):233-238.

Egenvall, A; Tranquille, C A; Lönnell, A C; Bitschnau, C; Oomen, A; Hernlund, E; Montavon, S; Franko, M A; Murray, R C; Weishaupt, M A; Weeren, van R; Roepstorff, L (2013). Days-lost to training and competition in relation to workload in 263 elite show-jumping horses in four European countries. Preventive veterinary medicine, 112(3-4):387-400.

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Byström, A; Stalfelt, A; Egenvall, A; von Peinen, K; Morgan, K; Roepstorff, L (2010). Influence of girth strap placement and panel flocking material on the saddle pressure pattern during riding of horses. Equine Veterinary Journal, 42(Suppl 38):502-509.

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