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Zimmermann, Moritz; Ender, Andreas; Egli, Gustav; Özcan, Mutlu; Mehl, Albert (2019). Fracture load of CAD/CAM-fabricated and 3D-printed composite crowns as a function of material thickness. Clinical Oral Investigations, 23(6):2777-2784.

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Stawarczyk, Bogna; Basler, Tobias; Ender, Andreas; Roos, Malgorzata; Özcan, Mutlu; Hämmerle, Christoph H F (2012). Effect of surface conditioning with airborne-particle abrasion on the tensile strength of polymeric CAD/CAM crowns luted with self-adhesive and conventional resin cements. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 107(2):94-101.

Stawarczyk, Bogna; Hartmann, Leonie; Hartmann, Rahel; Roos, Malgorzata; Ender, Andreas; Özcan, Mutlu; Sailer, Irena; Hämmerle, Christoph H F (2012). Impact of Gluma Desensitizer on the tensile strength of zirconia crowns bonded to dentin: an in vitro study. Clinical Oral Investigations, 16(1):201-213.

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