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Marti-Soler, H; Pommier, C; Bochud, M; Guessous, I; Ponte, B; Pruijm, M; Ackermann, D; Forni Ogna, V; Paccaud, F; Burnier, M; Pechère-Bertschi, A; Devuyst, O; Marques-Vidal, P; Binet, I; Conen, D; Erne, P; Gabutti, L; Gallino, A; Hayoz, D; Muggli, Franco; Suter, P M (2017). Seasonality of sodium and potassium consumption in Switzerland. Data from three cross-sectional, population-based studies. Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases (NMCD), 27(9):792-798.

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