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Bohacek, J; Farinelli, M; Mirante, O; Steiner, G; Gapp, K; Coiret, G; Ebeling, M; Durán-Pacheco, G; Iniguez, A L; Manuella, F; Moreau, J-L; Mansuy, I M (2014). Pathological brain plasticity and cognition in the offspring of males subjected to postnatal traumatic stress. Molecular Psychiatry:1359-4184.

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Haditsch, U; Leone, D P; Farinelli, M; Chrostek-Grashoff, A; Brakebusch, A; Mansuy, I M; McConnell, S K; Palmer, T (2009). A central role for the small GTPase Rac1 in hippocampal plasticity and spatial learning and memory. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 41(4):409-419.

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Knobloch, M; Farinelli, M; Konietzko, U; Nitsch, R M; Mansuy, I M (2007). Abeta oligomer-mediated long-term potentiation impairment involves protein phosphatase 1-dependent mechanisms. Journal of Neuroscience, 27(29):7648-7653.

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