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Cernikova, Lenka; Faso, Carmen; Hehl, Adrian B (2018). Five facts about Giardia lamblia. PLoS Pathogens, 14(9):e1007250.

Hehl, Adrian B; Faso, Carmen (2017). Response to Zamponi et al. Trends in Parasitology, 33(2):76.

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Rout, Samuel; Zumthor, Jon Paulin; Schraner, Elisabeth M; Faso, Carmen; Hehl, Adrian B (2016). An interactome-centered protein discovery approach reveals novel components involved in mitosome function and homeostasis in giardia lamblia. PLoS Pathogens, 12(12):e1006036.

Ebneter, Jacqueline A; Heusser, Sally D; Schraner, Elisabeth M; Hehl, Adrian B; Faso, Carmen (2016). Cyst-Wall-Protein-1 is fundamental for Golgi-like organelle neogenesis and cyst-wall biosynthesis in Giardia lamblia. Nature Communications, 7:13859.

Grabliauskaite, Kamile; Saponara, Enrica; Reding, Theresia; Bombardo, Marta; Seleznik, Gitta M; Malagola, Ermanno; Zabel, Anja; Faso, Carmen; Sonda, Sabrina; Graf, Rolf (2016). Inactivation of TGF-β receptor II signaling in pancreatic epithelial cells promotes acinar cell proliferation, acinar-to-ductal metaplasia and fibrosis during pancreatitis. Journal of Pathology, 238(3):434-445.

Wampfler, Petra B; Faso, Carmen; Hehl, Adrian B (2014). The Cre/loxP system in Giardia lamblia: genetic manipulations in a binucleate tetraploid protozoan. International Journal for Parasitology, 44(8):497-506.

Faso, Carmen; Bischof, Sylvain; Hehl, Adrian B (2013). The proteome landscape of Giardia lamblia encystation. PLoS ONE, 8(12):e83207.

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