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Wicker, Thomas; Mayer, K F X; Gundlach, H; Martis, M; Steuernagel, B; Scholz, Uwe; Simková, H; Kubaláková, M; Choulet, F; Taudien, S; Platzer, M; Feuillet, C; Fahima, T; Budak, H; Dolezel, J; Keller, B; Stein, N (2011). Frequent gene movement and pseudogene evolution is common to the large and complex genomes of wheat, barley, and their relatives. The Plant Cell, 23(5):1706-1718.

Choulet, F; Wicker, T; Rustenholz, C; Paux, E; Salse, J; Leroy, P; Schlub, S; Paslier, M C L; Magdelenat, G; Gonthier, C; Couloux, A; Budak, H; Breen, J; Pumphrey, M; Liu, S; Kong, X; Jia, J; Gut, M; Brunel, D; Anderson, J A; Gill, B S; Appels, R; Keller, B; Feuillet, C (2010). Megabase level sequencing reveals contrasted organization and evolution patterns of the wheat gene and transposable element spaces. Plant Cell, 22(6):1686-1701.

Breen, J; Wicker, T; Kong, X; Juncheng, Z; Ma, W; Feuillet, C; Paux, E; Appels, R; Bellgard, M (2010). A highly conserved gene island of three genes on chromosome 3B of hexaploid wheat: diverse gene function and genomic structure maintained in a tightly linked block. BMC Plant Biology, 10:98.

Wicker, T; Buell, C R (2009). Gene and repetitive sequence annotation in the Triticeae. In: Feuillet, C; Muehlbauer, G J. Genetics and Genomics of the Triticeae. New York, US: Springer, 407-426.

Loutre, C; Wicker, T; Travella, S; Galli, P; Scofield, S; Fahima, T; Feuillet, C; Keller, B (2009). Two different CC-NBS-LRR genes are required for Lr10-mediated leaf rust resistance in tetraploid and hexaploid wheat. The Plant Journal, 60(6):1043-1054.

Feuillet, C (2002). Comparative Genomics in the Grass Family: Molecular Characterization of Grass Genome Structure and Evolution. Annals of Botany, 89(1):3-10.

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