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Stienen, Martin N; Fierstra, Jorn; Pangalu, Athina; Regli, Luca; Bozinov, Oliver (2019). The Zurich Checklist for Safety in the Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite: Technical Note. Operative neurosurgery, 16(6):756-765.

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Muscas, Giovanni; Bas van Niftrik, Christiaan Hendrik; Fierstra, Jorn; Piccirelli, Marco; Sebök, Martina; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Valavanis, Antonios; Pangalu, Athina; Regli, Luca; Bozinov, Oliver (2019). Feasibility and safety of intraoperative BOLD functional MRI cerebrovascular reactivity to evaluate extracranial-to-intracranial bypass efficacy. Neurosurgical Focus, 46(2):E7.

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van Niftrik, Christiaan Hendrik Bas; Piccirelli, Marco; Bozinov, Oliver; Maldaner, Nicolai; Strittmatter, Catherine; Pangalu, Athina; Valavanis, Antonios; Regli, Luca; Fierstra, Jorn (2018). Impact of baseline CO2 on Blood-Oxygenation-Level-Dependent MRI measurements of cerebrovascular reactivity and task-evoked signal activation. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 49:123-130.

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Fierstra, Jorn; van Niftrik, Christiaan; Warnock, Geoffrey; Wegener, Susanne; Piccirelli, Marco; Pangalu, Athina; Esposito, Giuseppe; Valavanis, Antonios; Buck, Alfred; Luft, Andreas; Bozinov, Oliver; Regli, Luca (2018). Staging Hemodynamic Failure With Blood Oxygen-Level–Dependent Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Cerebrovascular Reactivity. Stroke, 49(3):621-629.

Fierstra, Jorn; van Niftrik, Christiaan; Piccirelli, Marco; Bozinov, Oliver; Pangalu, Athina; Krayenbühl, Niklaus; Valavanis, Antonios; Weller, Michael; Regli, Luca (2017). Diffuse gliomas exhibit whole brain impaired cerebrovascular reactivity. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 45:78-83.

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Fierstra, Jorn; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; van Niftrik, Christiaan Hendrik Bas; Piccirelli, Marco; Pangalu, Athina; Kocian, Roman; Neidert, Marian Christoph; Valavanis, Antonios; Regli, Luca; Bozinov, Oliver (2017). Blood oxygen-level dependent functional assessment of cerebrovascular reactivity: Feasibility for intraoperative 3 Tesla MRI. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 77(2):806-813.

Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Fierstra, Jorn; Esposito, Giuseppe; Baltsavias, Gerasimos; Bozinov, Oliver; Regli, Luca (2017). Rapid documented growth of aneurysm bleb led to rupture of an incidental intracranial anterior communicating artery (Acom) aneurysm. Central European neurosurgery, 78(05):521-524.

Neidert, Marian C; Schmidt, Tobias; Mitova, Tatyana; Fierstra, Jorn; Bellut, David; Regli, Luca; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Bozinov, Oliver (2016). Preoperative angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor usage in patients with chronic subdural hematoma: Associations with initial presentation and clinical outcome. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 28:82-86.

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Fierstra, Jorn; van Niftrik, Bas; Piccirelli, Marco; Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Pangalu, Athina; Kocian, Roman; Valavanis, Antonios; Weller, Michael; Regli, Luca; Bozinov, Oliver (2016). Altered intraoperative cerebrovascular reactivity in brain areas of high-grade glioma recurrence. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 34(6):803-808.

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Esposito, Giuseppe; Fierstra, Jorn; Regli, Luca (2016). Distal outflow occlusion with bypass revascularization: last resort measure in managing complex MCA and PICA aneurysms. Acta Neurochirurgica, 158(8):1523-1531.

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Sobczyk, Olivia; Battisti-Charbonney, Anne; Poublanc, Julien; Crawley, Adrian P; Sam, Kevin; Fierstra, Jorn; Mandell, Daniel M; Mikulis, David J; Duffin, James; Fisher, Joseph A (2015). Assessing Cerebrovascular Reactivity Abnormality by Comparison to a Reference Atlas. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 35(2):213-220.

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da Costa, Leodante; Houlden, David; Rubenfeld, Gordon; Tymianski, Michael; Fisher, Joseph; Fierstra, Jorn (2015). Impaired cerebrovascular reactivity in the early phase of subarachnoid hemorrhage in good clinical grade patients does not predict vasospasm. Acta Neurochirurgica. Supplementum, 120:249-253.

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Barfett, Joseph John; Velauthapillai, Nivethan; Fierstra, Jorn; Crawley, Adrian; Coolens, Catherine; Crean, Andrew; Jaskolka, Jeff; Dufort, Paul; Krings, Timo; Mikulis, David (2014). Intra-vascular blood velocity and volumetric flow rate calculated from dynamic 4D CT angiography using a time of flight technique. International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, 30(7):1383-1392.

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Fierstra, Jorn; Winter, Jeff D; Machina, Matthew; Lukovic, Jelena; Duffin, James; Kassner, Andrea; Fisher, Joseph A (2013). Non-invasive accurate measurement of arterial PCO2 in a pediatric animal model. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing, 27(2):147-155.

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