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Jang, H; Woo, J; Lee, Y; Negrete, F; Finkelstein, S; Chase, H R; Addy, N; Ewing, L; Gilles Beaubrun, J J; Patel, I; Gangiredla, J; Eshwar, A; Jaradat, Z W; Seo, K; Shabarinath, S; Fanning, S; Stephan, R; Lehner, Angelika; Tall, B; Gopinath, G (2018). Draft genomes of Cronobacter sakazakii strains isolated from dried spices bring unique insights into the diversity of plant-associated strains. Standards in Genomic Sciences, 13:35.

Gopinath, G R; Chase, H R; Gangiredla, J; Eshwar, A; Jang, H; Patel, I; Negrete, F; Finkelstein, S; Park, E; Chung, T J; Yoo, Y J; Woo, J H; Lee, Y Y; Park, J; Choi, H; Jeong, S; Jun, S; Kim, M; Lee, C; Jeong, H; Fanning, S; Stephan, R; Iversen, C; Reich, F; Klein, G; Lehner, Angelika; Tall, B D (2018). Genomic characterization of malonate positive Cronobacter sakazakii serotype O:2, sequence type 64 strains, isolated from clinical, food, and environment samples. Gut Pathogens, 10:11.

Jang, H; Addy, N; Ewing, L; Gilles Beaubrun, J J; Lee, Y Y; Woo, J H; Negrete, F; Finkelstein, S; Tall, B D; Lehner, A; Eshwar, A; Gopinath, G (2018). Whole-genome sequences of Cronobacter sakazakii isolates obtained from plant-origin foods and dried food manufacturing environments. Genome Announcements, 6(15):e00223-18.

Chase, H R; Gopinath, G R; Eshwar, A K; Stoller, A; Fricker-Feer, C; Gangiredla, J; Patel, I R; Cinar, H N; Jeong, H; Lee, C; Negrete, F; Finkelstein, S; Stephan, Roger; Tall, B D; Lehner, Angelika (2017). Comparative genomic characterization of the highly persistent and potentially virulent Cronobacter sakazakii ST83, CC65 strain H322 and other ST83 strains. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8:1136.

Chase, H R; Eberl, L; Stephan, Roger; Jeong, H J; Chaeyoon Lee, C; Finkelstein, S; Negrete, F; Gangiredla, J; Patel, I; Tall, B D; Gopinath, G R; Lehner, Angelika (2017). Draft genome sequence of Cronobacter sakazakii GP 1999, sequence type 145, an epiphytic isolate obtained from the tomato's rhizosplane/rhizosphere continuum. Genome Announcements, 5(31):e00723-17.

Kuster, S P; Katz, K C; Blair, J; Downey, J; Drews, S J; Finkelstein, S; Fowler, R; Green, K; Gubbay, J; Hassan, K; Lapinsky, S E; Mazzulli, T; McRitchie, D; Pataki, J; Plevneshi, A; Powis, J; Rose, D; Sarabia, A; Simone, C; Simor, A; McGeer, A (2011). When should a diagnosis of influenza be considered in adults requiring intensive care unit admission? Results of population-based active surveillance in Toronto. Critical Care, 15(4):R182.

Ullrich, Johannes; van Dick, Rolf (2007). The group psychology of mergers & acquisitions: Lessons from the social identity approach. In: Cooper, Cary L; Finkelstein, S. Advances in Mergers & Acquisitions. Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 1-15.

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