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Schatz, A; Arango-Gonzales, B; Fischer, D; Enderle, H; Bolz, S; Röck, T; Naycheva, L; Grimm, C; Messias, A; Zrenner, E; Bartz-Schmidt, K U; Willmann, G; Gekeler, F (2012). Transcorneal electrical stimulation shows neuroprotective effects in retinas of light-exposed rats. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 53(9):5552-5561.

Matthies, S; van Elst, L T; Feige, B; Fischer, D; Scheel, Corinna N; Krogmann, E; Perlov, E; Ebert, D; Philipsen, A (2011). Severity of childhood attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder - A risk factor for personality disorders in adult life? Journal of Personality Disorders, 25(1):101-114.

Huber, G; Beck, S C; Grimm, C; Sahaboglu-Tekgoz, A; Paquet-Durand, F; Wenzel, A; Humphries, P; Redmond, T M; Seeliger, M W; Fischer, D (2009). Spectral domain optical coherence tomography in mouse models of retinal degeneration. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 50(12):5888-5995.

Lüscher, T F; Pieper, M; Tendera, M; Vrolix, M; Rutsch, W; van den Branden, F; Gil, R; Bischoff, K-O; Haude, M; Fischer, D; Meinertz, T; Münzel, Thomas (2009). A randomized placebo-controlled study on the effect of nifedipine on coronary endothelial function and plaque formation in patients with coronary artery disease: the ENCORE II study. European Heart Journal, 30(13):1590-1597.

Winter, F (2009). Das Portfolio: Impulse für das Lernen und die Leistungsbeurteilung. In: Fischer, D; Strittmatter, A; Vögeli-Mantovani, U. Noten, was denn sonst?! Leistungsbeurteilung und -bewertung. Zürich: LCH, 53-60.

Hauk, T G; Müller, A; Lee-Thorp, J; Schwendener, R; Fischer, D (2008). Neuroprotective and axon growth promoting effects of intraocular inflammation do not depend on oncomodulin or the presence of large numbers of activated macrophages. Experimental Neurology, 209(2):469-482.

Mayer, Lucio; Gawryszczak, Artur J (2008). Protoplanetary disk fragmentation with varying radiative physics, initial conditions and numerical techniques. In: Fischer, D; Rasio, F A; Thorsett, S E; Wolszczan, A. Extreme solar systems : proceedings of a conference held on Santorini Island, Greece, 25-29 June 2007. San Francisco, Calif., US: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 243-256.

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