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Fischer, G; Knechtle, B; Rüst, C A; Rosemann, T (2013). Male swimmers cross the English Channel faster than female swimmers. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 23(1):e48-e55.

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Feng, J; Lucchinetti, E; Fischer, G; Zhu, M; Zaugg, K; Schaub, M C; Zaugg, M (2008). Cardiac remodelling hinders activation of cyclooxygenase-2, diminishing protection by delayed pharmacological preconditioning: role of HIF1 alpha and CREB. Cardiovascular Research, 78(1):98-107.

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Holler, E; Rogler, G; Brenmoehl, J; Hahn, J; Greinix, H; Dickinson, A M; Socie, G; Wolff, D; Finke, J; Fischer, G; Jackson, G; Rocha, V; Hilgendorf, I; Eissner, G; Marienhagen, J; Andreesen, R (2008). The role of genetic variants of NOD2/CARD15, a receptor of the innate immune system, in GvHD and complications following related and unrelated donor haematopoietic stem cell transplantation. International Journal of Immunogenetics, 35(4-5):381-384.

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Fischer, G; Ibrahim, S M; Brockmann, G A; Pahnke, J; Bartocci, E; Thiesen, H J; Serrano-Fernández, P; Möller, S (2003). Expressionview: visualization of quantitative trait loci and gene-expression data in Ensembl. Genome Biology, 4:R77.

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