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Schmid, S L; Bachmann, E; Fischer, M; Meyer, D C; Gerber, C A; Snedeker, J G; Farshad, M (2018). Pedicle screw augmentation with bone cement enforced Vicryl mesh. Journal of Orthopaedic Research, 36(1):212-216.

Birnbaum, J; Ulrich, S M; Schramm, R; Hagl, C; Lehner, A; Fischer, M; Haas, N A; Heineking, B (2017). Transient severe tricuspid regurgitation after transplantation of an extremely oversized donor heart in a child-Does size matter? A case report. Pediatric Transplantation, 21(1):65-77.

Lehmann, K; Eshmuminov, D; Bauerfeind, P; Gubler, C; Veit-Haibach, P; Weber, A; Abdul-Rahman, H; Fischer, M; Reiner, C; Schneider, P M (2017). (18)FDG-PET-CT improves specificity of preoperative lymph-node staging in patients with intestinal but not diffuse-type esophagogastric adenocarcinoma. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 43(1):196-202.

Fischer, M; Katan, M; Morgenthaler, N G; Seiler, M; Müller, B; Lackner, P; Errath, M; Helbok, R; Pfausler, B; Beer, R; Schmutzhard, E; Broessner, G (2014). The prognostic value of midregional proatrial natriuretic peptide in patients with hemorrhagic stroke. Cerebrovascular Diseases, 37(2):128-33.

Schindera, S T; Winklehner, A; Alkadhi, H; Goetti, R; Fischer, M; Gnannt, R; Szucs-Farkas, Z (2013). Effect of automatic tube voltage selection on image quality and radiation dose in abdominal CT angiography of various body sizes: A phantom study. Clinical Radiology, 68(2):e79-86.

Gnannt, R; Fischer, M; Goetti, R; Karlo, C; Leschka, S; Alkadhi, H (2012). Dual-energy CT for characterization of the incidental adrenal mass: Preliminary observations. American Journal of Roentgenology, 198(1):138-144.

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von Wyl, V; Gianella, S; Fischer, M; Niederoest, B; Kuster, H; Battegay, M; Bernasconi, E; Cavassini, M; Rauch, A; Hirschel, B; Vernazza, P; Weber, R; Joos, B; Günthard, H F (2011). Early antiretroviral therapy during primary HIV-1 infection results in a transient reduction of the viral setpoint upon treatment interruption. PLoS ONE, 6(11):e27463.

Gianella, S; von Wyl, V; Fischer, M; Niederoest, B; Battegay, M; Bernasconi, E; Cavassini, M; Rauch, A; Hirschel, B; Vernazza, P; Weber, R; Joos, B; Günthard, H F (2011). Effect of early antiretroviral therapy during primary HIV-1 infection on cell-associated HIV-1 DNA and plasma HIV-1 RNA. Antiviral Therapy, 16(4):535-545.

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Steineck, Raji C (2010). Vormoderne ostasiatische Naturbegriffe und ihre ethische Bedeutung. In: Fischer, M. Die Kulturabhängigkeit von Begriffen. Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang, 27-36.

Joos, B; Rieder, P; Fischer, M; Kuster, H; Rusert, P; Trkola, A; Pillai, S K; Wong, J K; Weber, R; Günthard, H F (2010). Association between specific HIV-1 Env traits and virologic control in vivo. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 10(3):365-372.

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Bernhard, M; Gräsner, J; Gries, A; Fischer, M; Böttiger, B; Helm, M; Eich, C; Landsleitner, B; Weiss, M; Strauß, J; Becke, K (2010). Erste deutsche Empfehlung zur intraossären Infusion in der Notfallmedizin : Eine Empfehlung der Wissenschaftlichen Arbeitskreise Notfallmedizin und Kinderanästhesie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie und Intensivmedizin. Der Notarzt, 26(5):216-218.

Rieder, P; Joos, B; von Wyl, V; Kuster, H; Grube, C; Leemann, C; Böni, J; Yerly, S; Klimkait, T; Bürgisser, P; Weber, R; Fischer, M; Günthard, H F (2010). HIV-1 transmission after cessation of early antiretroviral therapy among men having sex with men. AIDS, 24(8):1177-1183.

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Fischer, M; Joos, B; Niederost, B; Kaiser, P; Hafner, R; von Wyl, V; Ackermann, M; Weber, R; Gunthard, H F (2008). Biphasic decay kinetics suggest progressive slowing in turnover of latently HIV-1 infected cells during antiretroviral therapy. Retrovirology, 5:107.

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Gsell, S; Berner, S; Brugger, T; Schreck, M; Brescia, R; Fischer, M; Greber, T; Osterwalder, J; Stritzker, B (2008). Comparative electron diffraction study of the diamond nucleation layer on Ir(001). Diamond and Related Materials, 17(7-10):1029-1034.

Joos, B; Fischer, M; Kuster, H; Pillai, S K; Wong, J K; Böni, J; Hirschel, B; Weber, R; Trkola, A; Günthard, H F (2008). HIV rebounds from latently infected cells, rather than from continuing low-level replication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 105(43):16725-16730.

Huber, M; von Wyl, V; Ammann, C G; Kuster, H; Stiegler, G; Katinger, H; Weber, R; Fischer, M; Stoiber, H; Günthard, H F; Trkola, A (2008). Potent human immunodeficiency virus-neutralizing and complement lysis activities of antibodies are not obligatorily linked. Journal of Virology, 82(8):3834-3842.

Pinzger, M; Gall, H C; Fischer, M (2008). Software evolution analysis and visualization. In: De Lucia, A; Ferrucci, F; Tortora, G; Tucci, M. Emerging methods, technologies and process management in software engineering. Los Alamitos, California, USA: Wiley / IEEE Computer Society Press, 177-200.

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Joos, B; Trkola, A; Fischer, M; Kuster, H; Rusert, P; Leemann, C; Böni, J; Oxenius, A; Price, D A; Phillips, R E; Wong, J K; Hirschel, B; Weber, R; Günthard, H F (2005). Low human immunodeficiency virus envelope diversity correlates with low in vitro replication capacity and predicts spontaneous control of plasma viremia after treatment interruptions. Journal of Virology, 79(14):9026-9037.

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Schüpbach, J; Böni, J; Bisset, L R; Tomasik, Z; Fischer, M; Günthard, H F; Ledergerber, B; Opravil, M (2003). HIV-1 p24 antigen is a significant inverse correlate of CD4 T-cell change in patients with suppressed viremia under long-term antiretroviral therapy. JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 33(3):292-299.

Fischer, M; Günthard, H F; Opravil, M; Joos, B; Huber, W; Bisset, L R; Ott, P; Böni, J; Weber, R; Cone, R W (2000). Residual HIV-RNA levels persist for up to 2.5 years in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients on potent antiretroviral therapy. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, 16(12):1135-1140.

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