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Gebker, R; Jahnke, C; Manka, R; Frick, M; Hucko, T; Kozerke, S; Schnackenburg, B; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I (2012). High spatial resolution myocardial perfusion imaging during high dose dobutamine/atropine stress magnetic resonance using k-t SENSE. International Journal of Cardiology, 158(3):411-416.

Gebker, R; Frick, M; Jahnke, C; Berger, A; Schneeweis, C; Manka, R; Kelle, S; Klein, C; Schnackenburg, B; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I (2012). Value of additional myocardial perfusion imaging during dobutamine stress magnetic resonance for the assessment of intermediate coronary artery disease. International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, 28(1):89-97.

Manka, R; Jahnke, C; Kozerke, S; Vitanis, V; Crelier, G; Gebker, R; Schnackenburg, B; Boesiger, P; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I (2011). Dynamic 3-dimensional stress cardiac magnetic resonance perfusion imaging: detection of coronary artery disease and volumetry of myocardial hypoenhancement before and after coronary stenting. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 57(4):437-444.

Frick, M; Paetsch, I; den Harder, C; Kouwenhoven, M; Heese, H; Dries, S; Schnackenburg, B; de Kok, W; Gebker, R; Fleck, E; Manka, R; Jahnke, C (2011). Fully automatic geometry planning for cardiac MR imaging and reproducibility of functional cardiac parameters. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 34(2):457-467.

Jahnke, C; Fischer, J; Gerds-Li, J H; Gebker, R; Manka, R; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I; Kriatselis, C (2011). Serial monitoring of reverse left-atrial remodeling after pulmonary vein isolation in patients with atrial fibrillation: A magnetic resonance imaging study. International Journal of Cardiology, 153(1):42-46.

Gebker, R; Jahnke, C; Manka, R; Hucko, T; Schnackenburg, B; Kelle, S; Klein, C; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I (2011). The role of dobutamine stress cardiovascular magnetic resonance in the clinical management of patients with suspected and known coronary artery disease. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 13:46.

Manka, R; Paetsch, I; Schnackenburg, B; Gebker, R; Fleck, E; Jahnke, C (2010). BOLD cardiovascular magnetic resonance at 3.0 tesla in myocardial ischemia. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 12(1):54.

Gebker, R; Jahnke, C; Hucko, T; Manka, R; Mirelis, J G; Hamdan, A; Schnackenburg, B; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I (2010). Dobutamine stress magnetic resonance imaging for the detection of coronary artery disease in women. Heart, 96(8):616-20.

Gebker, R; Mirelis, J G; Jahnke, C; Hucko, T; Manka, R; Hamdan, A; Schnackenburg, B; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I (2010). Influence of left ventricular hypertrophy and geometry on diagnostic accuracy of wall motion and perfusion magnetic resonance during dobutamine stress. Circulation. Cardiovascular imaging, 3(5):507-14.

Jahnke, C; Gebker, R; Manka, R; Schnackenburg, B; Fleck, E; Paetsch, I (2010). Navigator-gated 3D blood oxygen level-dependent CMR at 3.0-T for detection of stress-induced myocardial ischemic reactions. JACC. Cardiovascular imaging, 3(4):375-84.

Manka, R; Buehrer, M; Boesiger, P; Fleck, E; Kozerke, S (2010). Performance of simultaneous cardiac-respiratory self-gated three-dimensional MR imaging of the heart: initial experience. Radiology, 255(3):909-916.

Nagel, Eike; Stuber, Matthias; Fleck, E; Boesiger, Peter; Hess, Otto M (1998). Myocardial tagging for the analysis left ventricular function. Magma, 6(2-3):91-93.

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