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Parker, H L; Tucker, E; Hoad, C L; Pal, A; Costigan, C; Hudders, N; Perkins, A; Blackshaw, E; Gowland, P; Marciani, L; Fox, M R (2016). Development and validation of a large, modular test meal with liquid and solid components for assessment of gastric motor and sensory function by non-invasive imaging. Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 28(4):554-568.

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Kwiatek, M A; Menne, D; Steingoetter, A; Goetze, O; Forras-Kaufman, Z; Kaufman, E; Fruehauf, H; Boesiger, P; Fried, M; Schwizer, W; Fox, M R (2009). Effect of meal volume and calorie load on postprandial gastric function and emptying: studies under physiological conditions by combined fiber-optic pressure measurement and MRI. American Journal of Physiology. Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology, 297(5):G894-G901.

Kwiatek, M A; Fox, M R; Steingoetter, A; Menne, D; Pal, A; Fruehauf, H; Kaufman, E; Forras-Kaufman, Z; Brasseur, J G; Goetze, O; Hebbard, G S; Boesiger, P; Thumshirn, M; Fried, M; Schwizer, W (2009). Effects of clonidine and sumatriptan on postprandial gastric volume response, antral contraction waves and emptying: an MRI study. Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 21(9):928-e71.

Fox, M R; Bredenoord, A J (2008). Oesophageal high-resolution manometry: moving from research into clinical practice. Gut, 57(3):405-423.

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