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Habjanič, Jelena; Zerbe, Oliver; Freisinger, Eva (2018). A histidine-rich Pseudomonas metallothionein with a disordered tail displays higher binding capacity for cadmium than zinc. Metallomics, 10(10):1415-1429.

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Nies, Dietrich H; Freisinger, Eva; Krauss, Gerd-Joachim (2015). Excess of metals. In: Krauss, Gerd-Joachim; Nies, Dietrich H. Ecological Biochemistry: Environmental and Interspecies Interactions. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 237-257.

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Sigel, Roland K O; Freisinger, Eva; Lippert, Bernhard (1998). If Watson–Crick and Hoogsteen sites of guanine are blocked, hydrogen bonding with cytosine is via N2 and N3. Chemical Communications, (2):219-220.

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