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Wang, Yu; de Vallière, Cheryl; Imenez Silva, Pedro H; Leonardi, Irina; Gruber, Sven; Gerstgrasser, Alexandra; Melham, Hassan; Weber, Achim; Leucht, Katharina; Wolfram, Lutz; Hausmann, Martin; Krieg, Carsten; Thomasson, Koray; Boyman, Onur; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Rogler, Gerhard; Wagner, Carsten A (2018). The proton-activated receptor GPR4 modulates intestinal inflammation. Journal of Crohn's & Colitis, 12(3):355-368.

Leonardi, Irina; Gerstgrasser, Alexandra; Schmidt, Thomas S B; Nicholls, Flora; Tewes, Bernhard; Greinwald, Roland; von Mering, Christian; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2017). Preventive Trichuris suis ova (TSO) treatment protects immunocompetent rabbits from DSS colitis but may be detrimental under conditions of immunosuppression. Scientific Reports, 7(1):16500.

Luciani, Paola; Estella-Hermoso de Mendoza, Ander; Casalini, Tommaso; Lang, Silvia; Atrott, Kirstin; Spalinger, Marianne R; Pratsinis, Anna; Sobek, Jens; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Schumacher, Jens; Leroux, Jean-Christophe; Rogler, Gerhard (2017). Gastroresistant oral peptide for fluorescence imaging of colonic inflammation. Journal of Controlled Release, 262:118-126.

Becker, Eugenia; Schmidt, Thomas S B; Bengs, Susan; Poveda, Lucy; Opitz, Lennart; Atrott, Kirstin; Stanzel, Claudia; Biedermann, Luc; Rehman, Ateequr; Jonas, Daniel; von Mering, Christian; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2017). Effects of oral antibiotics and isotretinoin on the murine gut microbiota. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 50(3):342-351.

Melhem, Hassan; Spalinger, Marianne R; Cosin-Roger, Jesus; Atrott, Kirstin; Lang, Silvia; Wojtal, Kacper A; Vavricka, Stephan R; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2017). Prdx6 Deficiency Ameliorates DSS Colitis: Relevance of Compensatory Antioxidant Mechanisms. Journal of Crohn's & Colitis, 11(7):871-884.

Gerstgrasser, Alexandra; Melhem, Hassan; Leonardi, Irina; Atrott, Kirstin; Schäfer, Matthias; Werner, Sabine; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2017). Cell-specific activation of the nrf2 antioxidant pathway increases mucosal inflammation in acute but not in chronic colitis. Journal of Crohn's & colitis, 11(4):485-499.

Cosin-Roger, Jesus; Simmen, Simona; Melhem, Hassan; Atrott, Kirstin; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Hausmann, Martin; de Vallière, Cheryl; Spalinger, Marianne R; Spielmann, Patrick; Wenger, Roland H; Zeitz, Jonas; Vavricka, Stephan R; Rogler, Gerhard; Ruiz, Pedro A (2017). Hypoxia ameliorates intestinal inflammation through NLRP3/mTOR downregulation and autophagy activation. Nature Communications, 8(1):98.

Ruiz, Pedro A; Morón, Belén; Becker, Helen M; Lang, Silvia; Atrott, Kirstin; Spalinger, Marianne R; Scharl, Michael; Wojtal, Kacper A; Fischbeck-Terhalle, Anne; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Hausmann, Martin; Kraemer, Thomas; Rogler, Gerhard (2017). Titanium dioxide nanoparticles exacerbate DSS-induced colitis: role of the NLRP3 inflammasome. Gut, 66(7):1216-1224.

Becker, Eugenia; Bengs, Susan; Aluri, Sirisha; Opitz, Lennart; Atrott, Kirstin; Stanzel, Claudia; Castro, Pedro A Ruiz; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2016). Doxycycline, metronidazole and isotretinoin: Do they modify microRNA/mRNA expression profiles and function in murine T-cells? Scientific Reports, 6:37082.

Rau, Monika; Stieger, Bruno; Monte, Maria J; Schmitt, Johannes; Jahn, Daniel; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Raselli, Tina; Marin, Jose J G; Müllhaupt, Beat; Rogler, Gerhard; Geier, Andreas (2016). Alterations in enterohepatic Fgf15 signaling and changes in bile acid composition depend on localization of murine intestinal inflammation. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 22(10):2382-2389.

Spalinger, Marianne R; Kasper, Stephanie; Gottier, Claudia; Lang, Silvia; Atrott, Kirstin; Vavricka, Stephan R; Scharl, Sylvie; Raselli, Tina; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Gutte, Petrus M; Grütter, Markus G; Beer, Hans-Dietmar; Contassot, Emmanuel; Chan, Andrew C; Dai, Xuezhi; Rawlings, David J; Mair, Florian; Becher, Burkhard; Falk, Werner; Fried, Michael; Rogler, Gerhard; Scharl, Michael (2016). Corrigendum - NLRP3 tyrosine phosphorylation is controlled by protein tyrosine phosphatase PTPN22. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 126(11):4388.

Kasper, Stephanie H; Spalinger, Marianne R; Leonardi, Irina; Gerstgrasser, Alexandra; Raselli, Tina; Gottier, Claudia; Atrott, Kirstin; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Fischbeck-Terhalle, Anne; Rogler, Gerhard; Scharl, Michael (2016). Deficiency of protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor type 2 in intestinal epithelial cells has no appreciable impact on dextran sulphate sodium colitis severity but promotes wound healing. Digestion, 93(4):249-259.

de Vallière, Cheryl; Wang, Yu; Eloranta, Jyrki J; Vidal, Solange; Clay, Ieuan; Spalinger, Marianne R; Tcymbarevich, Irina; Terhalle, Anne; Ludwig, Marie-Gabrielle; Suply, Thomas; Fried, Michael; Kullak-Ublick, Gerd A; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Scharl, Michael; Seuwen, Klaus; Wagner, Carsten A; Rogler, Gerhard (2015). G Protein-coupled pH-sensing Receptor OGR1 Is a Regulator of Intestinal Inflammation. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 21(6):1269-1281.

Leonardi, Irina; Nicholls, Flora; Atrott, Kirstin; Cee, Alexandra; Tewes, Bernhard; Greinwald, Roland; Rogler, Gerhard; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle (2015). Oral administration of dextran sodium sulphate induces a caecum-localized colitis in rabbits. International Journal of Experimental Pathology, 96(3):151-162.

Fischbeck, Anne; Schreiter, Katja; Leucht, Katharina; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Lang, Silvia; Hausmann, Martin; Fried, Michael; Falk, Werner; Rogler, Gerhard (2014). Exogenous heat shock protein gp96 ameliorates CD4+CD62L+ T-cell-mediated transfer colitis. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 20(11):1933-1941.

Morón, Belén; Spalinger, Marianne; Kasper, Stephanie; Atrott, Kirstin; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Fried, Michael; McCole, Declan F; Rogler, Gerhard; Scharl, Michael (2013). Activation of protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor type 2 by spermidine exerts anti-inflammatory effects in human thp-1 monocytes and in a mouse model of acute colitis. PLoS ONE, 8(9):e73703.

Giacopo, Andrea Di; Rubio-Aliaga, Isabel; Cantone, Alessandra; Artunc, Ferruh; Rexhepaj, Rexhep; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Font-Llitjós, Mariona; Gehring, Nicole; Stange, Gerti; Jaenecke, Isabel; Mohebbi, Nilufar; Closs, Ellen I; Palacín, Manuel; Nunes, Virginia; Daniel, Hannelore; Lang, Florian; Capasso, Giovambattista; Wagner, Carsten A (2013). Differential cystine and dibasic amino acid handling after loss of function of the amino acid transporter b0,+AT (Slc7a9) in mice. American Journal of Physiology. Renal, Fluid and Electrolyte Physiology, 305(12):F1645-F1655.

Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Fischbeck, Anne; Cee, Alexandra; Leonardi, Irina; Gruber, Sven; Becker, Eugenia; Atrott, Kirstin; Lang, Silvia; Rogler, Gerhard (2013). Effects of retinoids in mouse models of colitis: benefit or danger to the gastrointestinal tract? Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, 19(11):2356-2365.

Wolfram, Lutz; Fischbeck, Anne; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Wojtal, Kacper A; Lang, Silvia; Fried, Michael; Vavricka, Stephan R; Hausmann, Martin; Rogler, Gerhard (2013). Regulation of the expression of chaperone gp96 in macrophages and dendritic cells. PLoS ONE, 8(10):e76350.

Wojtal, Kacper A; Wolfram, Lutz; Frey-Wagner, Isabelle; Lang, Silvia; Scharl, Michael; Vavricka, Stephan R; Rogler, Gerhard (2013). The effects of vitamin A on cells of innate immunity in vitro. Toxicology in Vitro, 27(5):1525-1532.

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