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Bender, Ruben R; Muth, Anke; Schneider, Irene C; Friedel, Thorsten; Hartmann, Jessica; Plückthun, Andreas; Maisner, Andrea; Buchholz, Christian J (2016). Receptor-targeted nipah virus glycoproteins improve cell-type selective gene delivery and reveal a preference for membrane-proximal cell attachment. PLoS Pathogens, 12(6):e1005641.

Hanauer, Jan Rh; Gottschlich, Lisa; Riehl, Dennis; Rusch, Tillmann; Koch, Vivian; Friedrich, Katrin; Hutzler, Stefan; Prüfer, Steffen; Friedel, Thorsten; Hanschmann, Kay-Martin; Münch, Robert C; Jost, Christian; Plückthun, Andreas; Cichutek, Klaus; Buchholz, Christian J; Mühlebach, Michael D (2016). Enhanced lysis by bispecific oncolytic measles viruses simultaneously using HER2/neu or EpCAM as target receptors. Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics, 3:16003.

Friedel, Thorsten; Hanisch, Lydia J; Muth, Anke; Honegger, Annemarie; Abken, Hinrich; Plückthun, Andreas; Buchholz, Christian J; Schneider, Irene C (2015). Receptor-targeted lentiviral vectors are exceptionally sensitive toward the biophysical properties of the displayed single-chain Fv. Protein Engineering, Design & Selection, 28(4):93-106.

Münch, Robert C; Muth, Anke; Muik, Alexander; Friedel, Thorsten; Schmatz, Julia; Dreier, Birgit; Trkola, Alexandra; Plückthun, Andreas; Büning, Hildegard; Buchholz, Christian J (2015). Off-target-free gene delivery by affinity-purified receptor-targeted viral vectors. Nature Communications, 6:6246.

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