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Früh, Simon; Tyagarajan, Shiva K; Campbell, Benjamin; Bosshard, Giovanna; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2018). The catalytic function of the gephyrin-binding protein IQSEC3 regulates neurotransmitter-specific matching of pre- and post-synaptic structures in primary hippocampal cultures. Journal of Neurochemistry, 147(4):477-494.

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Ghosh, Himanish; Auguadri, Luca; Battaglia, Sereina; Simone Thirouin, Zahra; Zemoura, Khaled; Messner, Simon; Acuña, Mario A; Wildner, Hendrik; Yévenes, Gonzalo E; Dieter, Andrea; Kawasaki, Hiroshi; O Hottiger, Michael; Zeilhofer, Hanns Ulrich; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Tyagarajan, Shiva K (2016). Several posttranslational modifications act in concert to regulate gephyrin scaffolding and GABAergic transmission. Nature Communications, 7:13365.

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Deprez, Francine; Vogt, Fabia; Floriou-Servou, Amalia; Lafourcade, Carlos; Rudolph, Uwe; Tyagarajan, Shiva K; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2016). Partial inactivation of GABA$_A$ receptors containing the α5 subunit affects the development of adult-born dentate gyrus granule cells. European Journal of Neuroscience, 44(5):2258-2271.

Rambousek, Lukas; Kleteckova, Lenka; Kubesova, Anna; Jirak, Daniel; Vales, Karel; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2016). Rat intra-hippocampal NMDA infusion induces cell-specific damage and changes in expression of NMDA and GABAA receptor subunits. Neuropharmacology, 105:594-606.

Engin, Elif; Smith, Kiersten S; Gao, Yudong; Nagy, David; Foster, Rachel A; Tsvetkov, Evgeny; Keist, Ruth; Crestani, Florence; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Bolshakov, Vadim Y; Hajos, Mihaly; Heldt, Scott A; Rudolph, Uwe (2016). Modulation of anxiety and fear via distinct intrahippocampal circuits. eLife, 5:e14120.

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Angliker, Nico; Burri, Michael; Zaichuk, Mariana; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Rüegg, Markus A (2015). mTORC1 and mTORC2 have largely distinct functions in Purkinje cells. European Journal of Neuroscience, 42(8):2595-2612.

Deprez, Francine; Pallotto, Marta; Vogt, Fabia; Grabiec, Marta; Virtanen, Mari A; Tyagarajan, Shiva K; Panzanelli, Patrizia; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2015). Postsynaptic gephyrin clustering controls the development of adult-born granule cells in the olfactory bulb. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 523(13):1998-2016.

He, Qionger; Duguid, Ian; Clark, Beverley; Panzanelli, Patrizia; Patel, Bijal; Thomas, Philip; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Smart, Trevor G (2015). Interneuron- and GABA(A) receptor-specific inhibitory synaptic plasticity in cerebellar Purkinje cells. Nature Communications, 6:7364.

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Pfister, Sandra; Weber, Tamara; Härtig, Wolfgang; Schwerdel, Cornelia; Elsaesser, Rebecca; Knuesel, Irene; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2015). Novel role of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator in maintaining adult mouse olfactory neuronal homeostasis. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 523(3):406-430.

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Antonelli, Roberta; Pizzarelli, Rocco; Pedroni, Andrea; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Del Sal, Giannino; Cherubini, Enrico; Zacchi, Paola (2014). Pin1-dependent signalling negatively affects GABAergic transmission by modulating neuroligin2/gephyrin interaction. Nature Communications, 5:5066.

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Accardi, Michael V; Daniels, Bryan A; Brown, Patricia M G E; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Tyagarajan, Shiva K; Bowie, Derek (2014). Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species regulate the strength of inhibitory GABA-mediated synaptic transmission. Nature Communications, 5:3168.

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Straub, Carolin J; Lau, Hew Mun; Parlato, Rosanna; Schuetz, Guenther; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Rudolph, Uwe (2013). Bidirectional regulation of intravenous general anesthetic actions by α3-containing γ-aminobutyric acid A receptors. Anesthesiology, 118(3):562-576.

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Calcinaghi, Novella; Wyss, Matthias T; Jolivet, Renaud; Singh, Anand; Keller, Anna L; Winnik, Stephan; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Buck, Alfred; Matter, Christian M; Weber, Bruno (2013). Multimodal imaging in rats reveals impaired neurovascular coupling in sustained hypertension. Stroke, 44(7):1957-1964.

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Pfister, Sandra; Dietrich, Maren G; Sidler, Corinne; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Knuesel, Irene; Elsaesser, Rebecca (2012). Characterization and turnover of CD73/IP(3)R3-positive microvillar cells in the adult mouse olfactory epithelium. Chemical Senses, 37(9):859-868.

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Lachos, Julio; Zattoni, Michela; Wieser, Heinz-Gregor; Fritschy, Jean-Marc; Langmann, Thomas; Schmitz, Gerd; Errede, Mariella; Virgintino, Daniela; Yonekawa, Yasuhiro; Frei, Karl (2011). Characterization of the gene expression profile of human hippocampus in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis. Epilepsy Research and Treatment, 2011:758407.

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Schneider Gasser, Edith M; Straub, Carolin J; Panzanelli, Patrizia; Weinmann, Oliver; Sassoè-Pognetto, Marco; Fritschy, Jean-Marc (2006). Immunofluorescence in brain sections: simultaneous detection of presynaptic and postsynaptic proteins in identified neurons. Nature Protocols, 1(4):1887-1897.

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