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Bickelhaupt, S; Pazahr, S; Chuck, N; Blume, I; Froehlich, J M; Cattin, R; Raible, S; Bouquet, H; Bill, U; Rogler, G; Frei, P; Boss, A; Patak, M A (2013). Crohn's disease: small bowel motility impairment correlates with inflammatory-related markers C-reactive protein and calprotectin. Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 25(6):467-473.

Gutzeit, A; Sutter, R; Froehlich, J M; Roos, J E; Sautter, T; Schoch, E; Giger, B; Wyss, M; Graf, N; von Weymarn, C; Jenelten, R; Binkert, C A; Hergan, K (2011). ECG-triggered non-contrast-enhanced MR angiography (TRANCE) versus digital subtraction angiography (DSA) in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease of the lower extremities. European Radiology, 21(9):1979-1987.

Reischauer, C; Wilm, B J; Froehlich, J M; Gutzeit, A; Prikler, L; Gablinger, R; Boesiger, P; Wentz, K U (2011). High-resolution diffusion tensor imaging of prostate cancer using a reduced FOV technique. European Journal of Radiology, 80(2):e34-41.

Gutzeit, A; Meier, D; Meier, M L; von Weymarn, C; Ettlin, Dominik A; Graf, N; Froehlich, J M; Binkert, C A; Br├╝gger, M (2011). Insula-specific responses induced by dental pain: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. European Radiology, 21(4):807-815.

Reischauer, C; Froehlich, J M; Koh, D M; Graf, N; Padevit, C; John, H; Binkert, C A; Boesiger, P; Gutzeit, A (2010). Bone metastases from prostate cancer: assessing treatment response by using diffusion-weighted imaging and functional diffusion maps-initial observations. Radiology, 257(2):523-531.

Reiner, C S; Lutz, A M; Tschirch, F; Froehlich, J M; Gaillard, S; Marincek, B; Weishaupt, D (2009). USPIO-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the knee in asymptomatic volunteers. European Radiology, 19(7):1715-1722.

Tschirch, F T C; Suter, K; Froehlich, J M; Studler, U; Nidecker, A; Eckhardt, B; Beranek-Chiu, J; Surber, C; Weishaupt, D (2008). Multicenter trial: comparison of two different formulations and application systems of low-dose nasal midazolam for routine magnetic resonance imaging of claustrophobic patients. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 28(4):866-872.

Andreisek, G; Froehlich, J M; Hodler, J; Weishaupt, D; Beutler, V; Pfirrmann, C W A; Boesch, C; Nanz, D (2008). Direct MR arthrography at 1.5 and 3.0 T: signal dependence on gadolinium and iodine concentrations - phantom study. Radiology, 247(3):706-716.

Unterweger, M; Froehlich, J M; Kubik-Huch, R A; Seifert, Burkhardt; Birrer, M; Huber, T; Otto, R (2005). Dose optimization of contrast-enhanced carotid MR angiography. European Radiology, 15(9):1797-1805.

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