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Muroi, C; Fujioka, M; Okuchi, K; Fandino, J; Keller, E; Sakamoto, Y; Mishima, K; Iwasaki, K; Fujiwara, M (2014). Filament perforation model for mouse subarachnoid hemorrhage: surgical-technical considerations. British Journal of Neurosurgery, 28(6):722-732.

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Otani, N; Fujioka, M; Oracuioglu, B; Muroi, C; Khan, N; Roth, P; Yonekawa, Y (2008). Thalamic cavernous angioma: paraculminar supracerebellar infratentorial transtentorial approach for the safe and complete surgical removal. In: Yonekawa, Y; Tsukahara, T; Valavanis, A; Khan, N. Changing Aspects in Stroke Surgery: Aneurysms, Dissections, Moyamoya Angiopathy and EC-IC Bypass. Austria - Wien, 2008: Springer Viena, 29-36.

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