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Wilhelm, M J; Syburra, T; Furrer, L; Frielingsdorf, J; Odavic, D; Graves, K; Genoni, M (2011). Avoidance of Aortic Side-Clamping for Proximal Bypass Anastomoses: Better Short-term Outcome? The Heart Surgery Forum, 14(6):E360-E365.

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Ganter, M; Monn, A; Tavakoli, R; Genoni, M; Klaghofer, R; Furrer, L; Honegger, H; Hofer, C (2006). Monitoring activated clotting time for combined heparin and aprotinin application: in vivo evaluation of a new aprotinin-insensitive test using Sonoclot. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 30(2):278-284.

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