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Hartnack, Sonja; Odoch, Terence; Kratzer, Gilles; Furrer, Reinhard; Wasteson, Yngvild; L’Abée-Lund, Trine M; Skjerve, Eystein (2019). Additive Bayesian networks for antimicrobial resistance and potential risk factors in non-typhoidal Salmonella isolates from layer hens in Uganda. BMC Veterinary Research, 15(1):212.

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Güsewell, Sabine; Furrer, Reinhard; Gehrig, Regula; Pietragalla, Barbara (2017). Changes in temperature sensitivity of spring phenology with recent climate warming in Switzerland are related to shifts of the preseason. Global Change Biology, 23(12):5189-5202.

Pittavino, M; Dreyfus, A; Heuer, C; Benschop, J; Wilson, P; Collins-Emerson, J; Torgerson, P R; Furrer, Reinhard (2017). Data on Leptospira interrogans sv Pomona infection in Meat Workers in New Zealand. Data in Brief, 13:587-596.

Furrer, Reinhard; Gerber, Florian; Mösinger, Kaspar (2017). Extending R packages to support 64-bit compiled code: an illustration with spam64 and GIMMS NDVI$_{3 g}$ Data. Computers & Geosciences, 104:109-119.

Abiven, Samuel; Altermatt, Florian; Backhaus, Norman; Deplazes-Zemp, Anna; Furrer, Reinhard; Korf, Benedikt; Niklaus, Pascal A; Schaepman-Strub, Gabriela; Shimizu, Kentaro K; Zuppinger-Dingley, Debra; Petchey, Owen L; Schaepman, Michael E (2017). Integrative research efforts at the boundary of biodiversity and global change research. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 29:215-222.

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Addor, Nans; Rohrer, Marco; Furrer, Reinhard; Seibert, Jan (2016). Propagation of biases in climate models from the synoptic to the regional scale: Implications for bias-adjustment. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 121(5):2075-2089.

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Baggiolini, Arianna; Varum, Sandra; Mateos, José María; Bettosini, Damiano; John, Nessy; Bonalli, Mario; Ziegler, Urs; Dimou, Leda; Clevers, Hans; Furrer, Reinhard; Sommer, Lukas (2015). Premigratory and migratory neural crest cells are multipotent in vivo. Cell Stem Cell, 16(3):314-322.

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Wuest, Simon L; Richard, Stéphane; Walther, Isabelle; Furrer, Reinhard; Anderegg, Roland; Sekler, Jörg; Egli, Marcel (2014). A novel microgravity simulator applicable for three-dimensional cell culturing. Microgravity Science and Technology, 26(2):77-88.

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Furrer, Reinhard; Jakobsson, Martin; Kirchner, Nina (2014). A cross-polar modeling approach to hindcast paleo-arctig mega icebergs : a storyboard. In: Durán, J J; Guardiola-Albert, C; Heredia, J; Moreno-Merino, L; Pardo-Igúzquiza, E; Vargas-Guzmán, J A. Mathematics of planet earth. Berlin: Springer, 41-44.

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