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Gabi, M; Hefermehl, L; Lukic, D; Zahn, R; Vörös, J; Eberli, D (2011). Electrical microcurrent to prevent conditioning film and bacterial adhesion to urological stents. Urological Research, 39(2):81-88.

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Meister, A; Gabi, M; Behr, P; Studer, P; Vörös, J; Niedermann, P; Bitterli, J; Polesel-Maris, J; Liley, M; Heinzelmann, H; Zambelli, T (2009). FluidFM: combining atomic force microscopy and nanofluidics in a universal liquid delivery system for single cell applications and beyond. Nano Letters, 9(6):2501-2507.

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