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Huemer, Martina; Carvalho, Daniel R; Brum, Jaime M; Ünal, Özlem; Coskun, Turgay; Weisfeld-Adams, James D; Schrager, Nina L; Scholl-Bürgi, Sabine; Schlune, Andrea; Donner, Markus G; Hersberger, Martin; Gemperle, Claudio; Riesner, Brunhilde; Ulmer, Hanno; Häberle, Johannes; Karall, Daniela (2016). Clinical phenotype, biochemical profile, and treatment in 19 patients with arginase 1 deficiency. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, 39(3):331-340.

Herová, Magdalena; Schmid, Mattia; Gemperle, Claudio; Hersberger, Martin (2015). ChemR23, the Receptor for Chemerin and Resolvin E1, Is Expressed and Functional on M1 but Not on M2 Macrophages. Journal of Immunology, 194(5):2330-2337.

Herová, Magdalena; Schmid, Mattia; Gemperle, Claudio; Loretz, Christa; Hersberger, Martin (2014). Low dose aspirin is associated with plasma chemerin levels and may reduce adipose tissue inflammation. Atherosclerosis, 235(2):256-262.

Waechter, Vanessa; Schmid, Mattia; Herova, Magdalena; Weber, Angelika; Günther, Viola; Marti-Jaun, Jacqueline; Wüst, Sophia; Rösinger, Marian; Gemperle, Claudio; Hersberger, Martin (2012). Characterization of the promoter and the transcriptional regulation of the Lipoxin A4 receptor (FPR2/ALX) gene in human monocytes and macrophages. Journal of Immunology, 188(4):1856-1867.

Wuest, Sophia J A; Crucet, Margot; Gemperle, Claudio; Loretz, Christa; Hersberger, Martin (2012). Expression and regulation of 12/15-lipoxygenases in human primary macrophages. Atherosclerosis, 225(1):121-127.

Gemperle, Claudio; Schmid, Mattia; Herova, Magdalena; Marti-Jaun, Jacqueline; Wuest, Sophia J A; Loretz, Christa; Hersberger, Martin (2012). Regulation of the formyl peptide receptor 1 (FPR1) gene in primary human macrophages. PLoS ONE, 7(11):online.

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