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Haug, Marion F; Gesemann, Matthias; Berger, Manuela; Neuhauss, Stephan C F (2018). Phylogeny and distribution of protein kinase C variants in the zebrafish. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 526(7):1097-1109.

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Ojeda Naharros, Irene; Gesemann, Matthias; Mateos, José M; Barmettler, Gery; Forbes, Austin; Ziegler, Urs; Neuhauss, Stephan C F; Bachmann-Gagescu, Ruxandra (2017). Loss-of-function of the ciliopathy protein Cc2d2a disorganizes the vesicle fusion machinery at the periciliary membrane and indirectly affects Rab8-trafficking in zebrafish photoreceptors. PLoS Genetics, 13(12):e1007150.

Van De Weghe, Julie C; Rusterholz, Tamara D S; Latour, Brooke; Grout, Megan E; Aldinger, Kimberly A; Shaheen, Ranad; Dempsey, Jennifer C; Maddirevula, Sateesh; Cheng, Yong-Han H; Phelps, Ian G; Gesemann, Matthias; Goel, Himanshu; Birk, Ohad S; Alanzi, Talal; Rawashdeh, Rifaat; Khan, Arif O; Bamshad, Michael J; Nickerson, Deborah A; Neuhauss, Stephan C F; Dobyns, William B; Alkuraya, Fowzan S; Roepman, Ronald; Bachmann-Gagescu, Ruxandra; Doherty, Dan (2017). Mutations in ARMC9, which Encodes a Basal Body Protein, Cause Joubert Syndrome in Humans and Ciliopathy Phenotypes in Zebrafish. American Journal of Human Genetics, 101(1):23-36.

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Glasauer, Stella M K; Wäger, Robert; Gesemann, Matthias; Neuhauss, Stephan C F (2016). mglur6b:EGFP Transgenic zebrafish suggest novel functions of metabotropic glutamate signaling in retina and other brain regions. Journal of Comparative Neurology, 524(12):2363-2378.

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Frei, Jeannine A; Andermatt, Irwin; Gesemann, Matthias; Stoeckli, Esther T (2014). The SynCAM synaptic cell adhesion molecules are involved in sensory axon pathfinding by regulating axon-axon contacts. Journal of Cell Science, 127(24):5288-5302.

Hodel, Corinne; Niklaus, Stephanie; Heidemann, Martina; Klooster, Jan; Kamermans, Maarten; Biehlmaier, Oliver; Gesemann, Matthias; Neuhauss, Stephan C F (2014). Myosin VIIA is a marker for the cone accessory outer segment in zebrafish. Anatomical Record, 297(9):1777-1784.

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Gesemann, Matthias; Litwack, E David; Yee, Kathleen T; Christen, Urs; O'Leary, Dennis D M (2001). Identification of candidate genes for controlling development of the basilar pons by differential display PCR. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 18(1):1-12.

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