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Quevenco, F C; Schreiner, S J; Preti, M G; van Bergen, J M G; Kirchner, T; Wyss, M; Steininger, S C; Gietl, A; Leh, S E; Buck, A; Pruessmann, K P; Hock, C; Nitsch, R M; Henning, A; Van De Ville, D; Unschuld, P G (2019). GABA and glutamate moderate beta-amyloid related functional connectivity in cognitively unimpaired old-aged adults. NeuroImage: Clinical, 22:101776.

Riese, F; Gietl, A; Zölch, N; Henning, A; O'Gorman, R; Kälin, A M; Leh, S E; Buck, A; Warnock, G; Edden, R A E; Luechinger, R; Hock, C; Kollias, S; Michels, Lars (2015). Posterior cingulate GABA and glutamate+glutamine are reduced in amnestic mild cognitive impairment and are unrelated to amyloid deposition and APOE genotype. Neurobiology of Aging, 36(1):53-59.

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Rujescu, D; Giegling, I; Gietl, A; Hartmann, A M; Möller, H J (2003). A functional single nucleotide polymorphism (V158M) in the COMT gene is associated with aggressive personality traits. Biological Psychiatry, 54(1):34-39.

Rujescu, D; Giegling, I; Gietl, A; Gonnermann, C; Kirner, A; Möller, H J; Dahmen, N (2003). Association study of a SNP coding for a M129V substitution in the prion protein in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research, 62(3):289-291.

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