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Adelsberger, Rosmarie; Fakin, Richard; Mirtschink, Sophia; Forster, Natasha; Giovanoli, Pietro; Lindenblatt, Nicole (2019). Bedside monitoring of free flaps using ICG-fluorescence angiography significantly improves detection of postoperative perfusion impairment. Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, 53(3):149-154.

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Fakin, Richard M; Zimmermann, Simon; Kaye, Kai; Lunger, Lukas; Weinforth, Geraldine; Giovanoli, Pietro (2019). Long-Term Outcomes in Breast Augmentation in Trans-Women - A 20-Year Experience. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 39(4):381-390.

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Wolint, Petra; Bopp, Annina; Woloszyk, Anna; Tian, Yinghua; Evrova, Olivera; Hilbe, Monika; Giovanoli, Pietro; Calcagni, Maurizio; Hoerstrup, Simon P; Buschmann, Johanna; Emmert, Maximilian Y (2019). Cellular self-assembly into 3D microtissues enhances the angiogenic activity and functional neovascularization capacity of human cardiopoietic stem cells. Angiogenesis, 22(1):37-52.

Scaglioni, Mario F; Barth, Andrè A; Giovanoli, Pietro (2019). Reconstruction of an upper posterior thigh extensive defect with a free split-anterolateral thigh (s-ALT) flap by perforator-to-perforator anastomosis: A case report. Microsurgery, 39(1):91-94.

Scaglioni, Mario F; Franchi, Alberto; Uyulmaz, Semra; Giovanoli, Pietro (2018). The bipedicled medial plantar flap: vascular enhancement of a reverse flow Y-V medial plantar flap by the inclusion of a metatarsal artery perforator for the reconstruction of a forefoot defect - A case report. Microsurgery, 38(6):698-701.

Frueh, Florian S; Später, Thomas; Körbel, Christina; Scheuer, Claudia; Simson, Anna C; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Giovanoli, Pietro; Menger, Michael D; Laschke, Matthias W (2018). Prevascularization of dermal substitutes with adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments enhances early skin grafting. Scientific Reports, 8:10977.

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Uyulmaz, Semra; Sanchez Macedo, Nadia; Rezaeian, Farid; Giovanoli, Pietro; Lindenblatt, Nicole (2018). Nanofat Grafting for Scar Treatment and Skin Quality Improvement. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 38(4):421-428.

Scaglioni, Mario F; Rittirsch, Daniel; Giovanoli, Pietro (2018). Reconstruction of the heel, middle foot sole and plantar forefoot with the medial plantar artery perforator (MPAP) flap: clinical experience with 28 cases. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 141(1):200-208.

Waldner, Matthias; Klein, Holger J; Künzi, Walter; Guggenheim, Merlin; Plock, Jan A; Giovanoli, Pietro (2018). Occurrence of Occult Malignancies in Reduction Mammoplasties. Frontiers in Surgery, 5:17.

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Scaglioni, Mario F; Franchi, Alberto; Giovanoli, Pietro (2018). Pedicled chimeric sensitive fasciocutaneous anterolateral thigh (ALT) and vastus lateralis muscle (VLM) flap for groin defect reconstruction: a case report. Microsurgery, 38(4):423-426.

Scaglioni, Mario F; Franchi, Alberto; Giovanoli, Pietro (2018). Pedicled posteromedial thigh (pPMT) perforator flap and its application in loco-regional soft tissue reconstructions. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 71(2):217-223.

Scaglioni, Mario F; Eder, Maximilian; Giovanoli, Pietro (2018). The use of inverted-L posteromedial thigh (L-PMT) flap for autologous breast reconstruction: a case report. Microsurgery, 38(5):558-562.

Müller, Andreas; Fries, Peter; Jelvani, Bijan; Lux, François; Rübe, Claudia E; Kremp, Stephanie; Giovanoli, Pietro; Buecker, Arno; Menger, Michael D; Laschke, Matthias W; Frueh, Florian S (2017). Magnetic resonance lymphography at 9.4 T using a gadolinium-based nanoparticle in rats: investigations in healthy animals and in a hindlimb lymphedema model. Investigative Radiology, 52(12):725-733.

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Waschkies, Conny; Kivrak-Pfiffner, Fatma; Wentz, Tina; Tian, Yinghua; Calcagni, Maurizio; Giovanoli, Pietro; Buschmann, Johanna (2017). SPIO-enhanced MRI as a nondestructive in vivo method to assess vascularization of 3D Degrapol® scaffolds planted on the chorioallantoic membrane of the chick embryo in ovo. Matters Select:15.5/20.

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Scaglioni, Mario F; Fakin, Richard M; Barth, Andrè A; Giovanoli, Pietro (2017). Bilateral pedicle anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap combined with bilateral sartorius muscle flap for reconstruction of extensive perineoscrotal and medial thigh defect because of Fournier's gangrene. Microsurgery, 37(6):669-673.

Frueh, Florian S; Menger, Michael D; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Giovanoli, Pietro; Laschke, Matthias W (2017). Current and emerging vascularization strategies in skin tissue engineering. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, 37(5):613-625.

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Scaglioni, Mario F; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Barth, André A; Fuchs, Bruno; Weder, Walter; Giovanoli, Pietro (2016). Free fillet flap application to cover forequarter or traumatic amputation of an upper extremity: A case report. Microsurgery, 36(8):700-704.

Frueh, Florian S; Körbel, Christina; Gassert, Laura; Müller, Andreas; Gousopoulos, Epameinondas; Lindenblatt, Nicole; Giovanoli, Pietro; Laschke, Matthias W; Menger, Michael D (2016). High-resolution 3D volumetry versus conventional measuring techniques for the assessment of experimental lymphedema in the mouse hindlimb. Scientific Reports, 6:34673.

Scaglioni, Mario F; Fakin, Richard M; Giovanoli, Pietro; Kuo, Yur-Ren; Kuo, Pao-Jen (2016). The lower medial thigh perforator (LMTP) flap for lower extremity reconstruction: Preliminary results. Microsurgery, 36(6):474-479.

Kijanska, Monika; Marmaras, Anastasios; Hegglin, Alicia; Kurtcuoglu, Vartan; Giovanoli, Pietro; Lindenblatt, Nicole (2016). In vivo characterization of the integration and vascularization of a silk-derived surgical scaffold. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 69(8):1141-1150.

Evrova, Olivera; Houska, Joanna; Welti, Manfred; Bonavoglia, Eliana; Calcagni, Maurizio; Giovanoli, Pietro; Vogel, Viola; Buschmann, Johanna (2016). Bioactive, elastic, and biodegradable emulsion electrospun degrapol tube delivering PDGF-BB for tendon rupture repair. Macromolecular Bioscience, 16(7):1048-63.

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Frueh, Florian S; Calcagni, Maurizio; Giesen, Thomas; Giovanoli, Pietro; Harder, Yves (2016). Das Management von Weichteilverletzungen im Extermitätentrauma. Praxis, 105(25):1493-1501.

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Mehra, Tarun; Koljonen, Virve; Seifert, Burkhardt; Volbracht, Jörk; Giovanoli, Pietro; Plock, Jan; Moos, Rudolf Maria (2015). Total inpatient treatment costs in patients with severe burns: towards a more accurate reimbursement model. Swiss Medical Weekly, 145:w14217.

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